The Mob Museum debuts ‘The Mob on TV’ exhibit

The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime, has announced its newest exhibit: “The Mob on TV.”

mob museum

The exhibit includes a collection of on-screen costumes and props from “The Sopranos,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and “Breaking Bad,” and can be seen in the Museum’s retail store.

mob museum

While depictions of the Mob have been present in many films like “The Godfather” and “Casino,” their presence on the small screen brought us some of the most iconic television series of the 21st century.

Costumes and props in the exhibit include:

  • “Nucky” Thompson’s “Death Suit”: A three-piece suit worn in the series finale by Steve Buscemi, who played real-life Atlantic City crime boss Enoch “Nucky” Johnson in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” The suit features a bullet hole where the character was shot.
  • “Breaking Bad” Hazmat Suit: The hazmat suit and masked used during meth-cooking scenes worn by Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”
  • Tony Soprano in Casual Mode: A costume worn by James Gandolfini, in his role of Tony Soprano in the HBO series “The Sopranos,” during season 5, episode 2.
  • “Boardwalk Empire” Tommy Gun: A submachine gun prop used by “Nucky” Thompson in season 2, episode 8 of “Boardwalk Empire.”
  • On-screen Gas Mask: A gas mask used on-screen during meth-cooking scenes in “Breaking Bad.”
mob museum

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