More 'American Idol' Attraction Technology Details

We posted yesterday that ‘American Idol’ would be coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios soon and found it very interesting that the word “live” was always in quotes in the press release from Disney.

As it turns out, there is definitely more to it than simply auditioning in front of Disney Cast Members or a guest-filled audience.

From Disney’s online cast member Web site, The Hub:
“That experience will include an audition process, open to all who register, where guests perform “live” in video kiosks in full view of a panel of screeners.”

It seems the initial registration and auditions will not take place in front of cast members or guests directly, but rather via video kiosks. It’s unclear as to whether the “screeners” are real people or virtual singing “experts”.

Practically speaking, this makes perfect sense, as it’s unlikely that Disney would want to openly reject someone to their face, telling them their singing isn’t good enough. It’s also unlikely that any of Disney’s cast members would want the job of listening to hundreds of auditions every day, with most of them likely being less than stellar.

Disney has recently been putting an emphasis on technology on most of its new attractions and it appears that this one will be no different.


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