Motiongate Dubai celebrates 15 years of Shrek

Motiongate Dubai shrek
Motiongate Dubai is celebrating 15 years of Shrek with details about its new Shrek’s Swamp themed area.

Motiongate Dubai is celebrating the 15th birthday of DreamWorks’ favorite green ogre with new details about the Shrek land opening with the new theme park in October.

After 15 years of big screen fame, this October at Motiongate Dubai (a part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts destination) fans will be able to ‘Go Beyond The Screen’ and literally step into a completely immersive land where the world’s most famous green ogres Shrek, Fiona and the triplets will call home – and where guests can relive the ogre-like charm of these loveable heroes.

“Within the DreamWorks zone, we’ve created unique fairy tale-like lands that will take our guests on a sensory journey where they can see, touch, ride and taste their favourite films through immersive experiences. We’re excited to welcome guests to Shrek’s charming home in the swamp!” said Guido Zucchi, General Manager of Motiongate Dubai.

A part of the DreamWorks zone – one of Motiongate Dubai’s five Hollywood-inspired zones, this ‘theme park in a theme park’ features 12 action-packed rides and attractions – all indoors. Here, the Land of Shrek is transforming fiction into reality with a larger-than-life swamp-like environment unmistakably befit for an ogre. Now, for the first time fans will have the chance to visit Shrek’s Swamp and play the hero – be it journeying through two fun-filled rides, posing with the sword-bearing Puss in Boots, or indulging in some fine ogre fare at The Candy Apple.

Slide 1At Motiongate Dubai’s new Shrek area, guests will be able to:

•Relive the original love story of Shrek by being the first to experience Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey, a heartfelt interactive ride where Shrek meets Fiona for the first time, reincarnated as puppets and animated figures.

•Go Beyond the Screen and meet the stars as Shrek, Fiona, Puss in Boots and the Fairy Godmother roam the swamp to meet and pose create photo memories with fans throughout the day.

•Be the first to walk through Shrek’s Swamp. This is the first time the swamp has been brought to life as a real land anywhere in the world.

•Dine at The Candy Apple, Motiongate Dubai’s only full-service, sit-down eatery serving British-American fare for more than 300 guests.

Shrek's Merry Fairy Tale Journey

Scheduled to open in October this year, Motiongate Dubai is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts which will also feature two additional theme parks and a water park all in one destination. For more information about Motiongate Dubai, see this behind the scenes video from April:

Motiongate Dubai details and construction update for new Hollywood-inspired park


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