Movie Review: ‘M3GAN’ a wildly ridiculous start to 2023

by Attractions Magazine Staff

Though “M3GAN” is exactly what you’d expect, you can’t help but admire how ridiculous it is.

m3gan among other dolls
M3gan movie poster

By Connor Webber

Two months ago, the trailer for “M3GAN” was released and immediately swept the nation with a clip of a creepy robotic doll dancing all over social media. From that moment, the tone was set for “M3GAN,” a campy horror movie that follows a story similar to another murderous doll. Despite the obvious similarities between “M3GAN,” and “Child’s Play,” the film delivers on its campy tone entertaining you from start to finish. 

Designed by a brilliant scientist, M3GAN the high-tech doll was meant to act as a playmate and friend to children around the world. But when the scientist tasks M3GAN with protecting her niece, an 8-year-old who just lost her parents, it leads to unimaginable consequences. 

One thing I have to applaud “M3GAN,” for, is its awareness of how ridiculous it truly is. The film never takes itself too seriously, making for moments that make the entire audience laugh at things they usually wouldn’t laugh at. I know at this point, I am probably making “M3GAN,” sound like a comedy, which in some way it is, but anywhere you look, I’m sure the film will be listed as a horror/thriller. For those of you worried “M3GAN,” is not scary, it has the typical jump scares, but the only truly creepy thing about this film is the execution of M3GAN herself. Seemingly done 100% practically, the creepy doll is a mix of live acting and a robotic puppet mask. I feel if M3GAN were CGI, it would look weird, but not in a way that would’ve benefited the film, with the doll being practical, it adds to the creepiness of her coming to life on screen and is really fun to watch. 

Overall, “M3GAN,” was a fun way to start 2023, easily forgettable, but a fun theater experience that will please audiences. 

“M3GAN,” is rated PG-13 and hits theaters worldwide on Jan. 4,  2023. It has no post-credit scenes.


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Paschal Sciarra January 6, 2023 - 11:56 am

Entertaining for sure! There are great lines and bits mocking the zeitgeist of how everyone’s on their phones.


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