Movie Review: ‘Ma’ brings more laughs than scares

Ma“, the newest horror/thriller film by Blumhouse, has proven that you cannot judge a film solely by its genre and trailer. While “Ma” certainly brought moments of suspense, the film also had way more comedic moments that originally expected.


“Ma” focuses on Sue Ann, a helpful-turned-obsessive mother figure portrayed by Octavia Spencer. Steering clear of spoilers, it was revealed in the trailer that Ma invites underage kids to use her basement for parties full of booze and drugs. But, Ma enjoys the kids and their parties a bit too much.

I personally was happy to finally watch a film where the kids actually acted and spoke like real teenagers. Maggie, portrayed by Diana Silvers, along with Haley, Andy, Chaz and Darrell all bashed each other with heavy sarcasm and spouts of profanity. This element made their characters feel so much more alive and helped ground the film in realness.

In fact, the film focuses strongly on a realistic psychopath. Sue Ann is shown as more than a crazy villain and the story makes sure to give ample time to learn about her thoughts and reasons.

Photo by Universal Pictures

These realistic moments, both with Sue Ann and the kids, is what added so many of the comedic one-liners and shock-and-awe surprises to the film. From the cringey existence of teenagers to the embarrassing moments in everyday life, “Ma” makes sure to add plenty of real-life mistakes and awkward situations that were hilarious to watch unfold.

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While this film needed to be rated R for sexual content, violence, and language, it certainly isn’t a horrifically scary film. In fact, many of the jump scares were already showcased in the trailers.

That being said, what the film lacks in intense horror moments, it makes up for with a continually unfolding backstory. This backstory helps explain how all the characters involved work into Ma’s game of parties and slaughter.

“Ma” premieres this Friday, May 31, and with it will bring plot-twists, booze, strong sexual content and a realistic view of an at-home killer.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

MA - Official Trailer

In The Parks

While “Ma” has not been confirmed for any appearances inside parks at this time, the film lends itself heavily to usage in Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. In past years the Blumhouse Production films have been used extensively throughout scare zones and haunted houses.

“Ma”, with its focus on the basement of Sue Ann, could easily be translated into a smaller haunted house, or even a section of a house, at Universal’s acclaimed scare event. Check out the videos below to see how previous Blumhouse films have been used:

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