Movie Review: Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ is horrifyingly spectacular

Jordan Peele’s “Nope” is more of the same of his signature flavor of horror we’ve come to expect from Monkeypaw Productions.

While nobody will ever end up in a situation like the one depicted in the film, Nope’s characters always seem to have realistic reactions and occasionally ridiculous, but practical solutions to deal with the horrifying situations they end up in. It really makes for some memorable moments. I think the way Peele achieves this realistic feeling is the way he uses humor as a coping mechanism for the stress he puts the characters under; and in today’s world, many can relate.

“Nope” constantly poses questions and subverts viewer’s expectations. It’s one of those films that’s hard to talk about without giving anything major away, however: I’ll try my best.

The plot follows a pair of siblings who end up running Hollywood’s oldest horse ranch after their father suddenly passes in a strange accident. When their ranch ends up plagued by a UFO, they decide to try to capture it on film to help save their struggling business. Who are these aliens? What do they look like? How many are there? What do they want? These are all questions that get answered, but definitely not in the way you think, and definitely not without a couple of diversions along the way.

“Nope” is rated R. For those who are uncomfortable with gore, it’s very minimal and usually more implied. There are a couple of bloody scenes, and a couple of gross ones that have less to do with actual blood and guts.

There are no end credit scenes, but those who wait until the very end will see a western stylized advertisement to visit Universal Studios Hollywood for the film’s new addition to the Studio Tour.

In The Parks

Visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood can now ride through the actual Jupiter’s Claim set seen in the film, as part of the park’s Studio Tour. Those who want to get a bit more up-close and personal may walk around the set on the park’s V.I.P. Tours. (Video Below)

While nothing has been announced just yet, Halloween Horror Nights fans are hopeful to see the film represented at the various Universal Parks at this year’s event. At the very least, we expect the set may be a stop on the Terror Tram Tour in Hollywood’s park.

If you have a Meta Quest 2, you can explore environments in Horizon Worlds inspired by “Nope” and other films from Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions in VR free.

Nope - Jupiter’s Claim VIP Movie Set Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

NOPE | Final Trailer

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