Movie Review: Wishes do come true in ‘Godmothered’

A perfect mix of a holiday flick with a hint of Disney magic, “Godmothered” is a great choice to watch while setting up the Christmas tree. The best way to describe this movie is “Enchanted” meets “Elf;” not only can it be a great movie to watch for the holidays, but really any time someone is in need of a pinch of magic.

(From left to right) Willa Skye (Mia), Jillian Spaeder (Jane), Jillian Bell (Eleanor) and Isla Fisher (Mackenzie) on the set of "Godmothered".

In the movie, Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is a young fairy godmother in training, and she’s eager to learn. However, things change when head fairy godmother Moira (Jane Curtin) announces the closure of their fairy godmother training school and everyone will have to leave their home, The Motherland.

Godmothered | Official Trailer | Disney+

Desperate to have her first case and save her home, Eleanor searches for someone in need of a fairy godmother. She finds a letter from Mackenzie (Isla Fisher), but soon finds out that the letter is decades old and Mackenzie is now an adult with no need for a ‘happily ever after’ – or so she thinks.

Widowed with two kids and stuck at a job she hates, Mackenzie doesn’t have time for pumpkin carriages or Prince Charming. Eleanor is determined to give Mackenzie the touch of magic she so desperately needs in her life, but be careful what you wish for!

Full of laughs and maybe some happy tears here and there, “Godmothered” will definitely be a family favorite on Disney+ this holiday season. Sure, it has fairy godmothers and ‘princes,’ but make no mistake, this movie is not your typical fairy tale. Catch “Godmothered” streaming only on Disney+ starting Dec. 4. 


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