Mr. Snuffleupagus is real! Meet him at SeaWorld Orlando for Sesame Street Land’s 5th birthday

Sometimes seeing is believing, and you can see Mr. Snuffleupagus (aka Snuffy) live and in-person at SeaWorld Orlando as part of Sesame Street Land’s 5th birthday.

Meet Mr. Snuffleupagus at SeaWorld Orlando
Images courtesy of SeaWorld

Snuffy is Big Bird’s best friend, but in the early years of “Sesame Street,” the adult characters in the series didn’t believe Snuffy was real. Now you can see for yourself that Big Bird isn’t bluffing.

Big Bird’s huge, kind-hearted BFF will appear at SeaWorld Orlando Jan. 27 – Feb. 4, 2024. Snuffy’s limited-time visit coincides with several overlapping special events at the park:

  • Just for Kids Weekend: Jan. 27-28, 2024
  • Sesame Street Land’s 5th Birthday: Jan. 27 – Apr. 28, 2024
  • Elmo’s Birthday Celebration: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 2024
Sesame Street characters

Some of the ongoing festivities acknowledge the fifth anniversary of the park’s Sesame Street Land, which opened in March 2019. Other activities celebrate Elmo, whose “birthday” is Feb. 3, and who will now and forever be eternally three-and-a-half years old, according to Sesame Workshop.

There’s plenty of fun happening at SeaWorld Orlando during all the party-centric seasons.

Meet Rare Characters, Including Snuffy

Mr. Snuffleupagus isn’t the only rare “Sesame Street” character making a trip to SeaWorld Orlando. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Sesame Street Land, park guests can meet:

  • Mr. Snuffleupagus: Jan. 27 – Feb. 4, 2024
  • Murray: Feb. 10-11 and 17-18, 2024
  • Baby Bear: Feb. 24-25, 2024 and Mar. 2-3, 2024
  • Honker and Dinger: Mar. 9-10 and 16-17, 2024

These characters will greet guests at the tent next to Cookie Drop! in Sesame Street Land at “varying times” from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. on the respective dates listed above. Additionally, just like usual, guests can continue to meet Sesame Street Land regulars like Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, and others throughout the area.

“Sesame Street Birthday Parade”

The new “Sesame Street Birthday Parade” will take to the parade route within Sesame Street Land beginning Jan. 27, 2024. Consult the park schedule for performance times. As of this writing, the parade will perform daily through at least Feb. 29, 2024.

Birthday Breakfast Bash

Guests can dine with “Sesame Street” friends during Birthday Breakfast Bash, a character meal at SeaFire Grille. The buffet menu will feature sugar-glazed ham, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, biscuits, and more. SeaWorld did not specify which characters will appear, but Big Bird is pictured in a photo on the meal’s webpage.

Birthday Breakfast Bash at SeaFire Grille at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaFire Grille will host Birthday Breakfast Bash at 9 a.m. every Saturday from Jan. 27 – Apr. 28, 2024, as well as one Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024. Pricing starts at $35 for guests ages 10+ and $20 for guests ages 3-9. Children ages 2 and under dine free. SeaWorld Orlando pass members can save up to 20%. All diners will receive a photo included with their meal.

Blippi and Meekah — Sold Out

Blippi and Meekah, a popular children’s entertainment duo, will appear at SeaWorld Orlando on Jan. 27-28, 2024. Reservations are required to meet Blippi and Meekah, and tickets are sold out at the time of this writing.

Birthday Storytime and Sing-Along

Since “Sesame Street” encourages literacy, it’s only appropriate that a birthday celebration include an opportunity to read. Throughout the season, guests can hear a story read aloud with Big Bird at his nest. After storytime, the “people in the neighborhood” will gather at the 123 stoop to sing happy birthday to Sesame Street Land.

Storytime with Big Bird in Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando

During Elmo’s Birthday Celebration, guests can hear a story read with Elmo at the VIP parade viewing area, followed by a birthday sing-along for the red monster at the 123 stoop. Consult SeaWorld Orlando’s schedule for dates and showtimes.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt, Crafts, Dance Party

Beginning Jan. 27, 2024, guests can play the Sesame Street Land 5th Birthday Scavenger Hunt. Participants can purchase a map at Hooper’s Store, search throughout Sesame Street Land for hidden birthday balloons, and receive a prize upon completion. Also starting that same day, guests can visit Abby’s Garden to create birthday crafts.

Visitors can join a DJ and “Sesame Street” pals for a dance party at the VIP parade viewing area. The party will take place Jan. 27 – Feb. 4, 2024 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Looking Back on Five Years of Sesame Street Land

Two months before Sesame Street Land’s 2019 opening, we got a sneak peek at the construction site.

Sesame Street Construction Tour at SeaWorld Orlando

When the big opening day arrived, the Muppet versions of Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Rosita helped dedicate Sesame Street Land. Naturally, they led the crowd in chanting, “Open sesame!”

“You are going to love Sesame Street,” Rosita told the audience at the ceremony. “You’ve never, ever seen a street like this before.”

Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Rosita visit Sesame Street at SeaWorld for the Grand Opening

Take a tour of Sesame Street Land’s atmosphere and attractions in our video below, and learn more about the birthday festivities here.

Overview of Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando

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