National Air and Space Museum gets a new identity ahead of its reopening

The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institute has revealed its new logo ahead of the first phase of its reopening in fall 2022.

national air and space museum interior
Smithsonian photo by Jim Preston

Located on the National Mall in Washington D.C., the museum has been closed since March 2018 for a major renovation, and for the first time since 1976 it will also be “rebranded,” with a logo reflect the experiences guests will enjoy during their visit, including “moments of awe that inspire and fuel innovation.”

The new logo features a stylized craft that is intended to suggest both aviation and space flight.

national air and space museum logo
Logo courtesy of National Air and Space Museum

“The reimagined Air and Space brand exemplifies our vision of helping build a nation of innovators and explorers,” said Chris Browne, John and Adrienne Mars director of the National Air and Space Museum. “Ahead of opening transformed exhibitions this fall, our new brand helps us reintroduce the nation’s aerospace collection with new stories and unforgettable experiences.”

National Air and Space Museum’s redesign will transform its galleries and digital experiences, placing the focus on making its collection of artifacts, stories, and expertise accessible to all visitors.

All aspects of human flight are addressed in the world’s largest collection of aviation and space artifacts, works of art, and archival materials.

“The dual nature of the brand plays a significant role in not just the areas of content that the museum presents (air and space), but where and who it serves,” Browne added. “The National Air and Space Museum is for everyone, whether an enthusiast or casual visitor, in-person or digital, through imagination or reality, past or future.”

For more information visit, and view the Smithsonian’s “Space For Everyone” video here:

Space For Everyone | The Reimagined National Air and Space Museum

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