New ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ projection show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Debuting for a limited time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a brand new “Avatar: The Way of Water” projection show has begun playing nightly on the Tree of Life. This show begins shortly after sunset, alongside other holiday inspired projections. With viewing available around the park, there are numerous places to watch and enjoy this “Avatar” inspired showcase of light and sound.

'Avatar: The Way of Water' projection show debuts at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” debuts in U.S. theaters Dec. 16, 2022, and is available in nearly every type of special screening available, from IMAX to drive-in, Regal 4DX, Screen-X, and much more. With an already estimated opening weekend return of $500,000,000, this next installment of the Avatar franchise is sure to be another major blockbuster film.

The “Avatar: The Way of Water” projections, according to the Walt Disney World website, begin each night at 6:00 p.m. This show is around four minutes long. Subsequent shows, both “Avatar”-inspired and those relating to the holidays, will happen through park closing.

For “Avatar” fans, the movie hype doesn’t stop there.

Did you know that ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ creatures were already a part of the Avatar – Flight of Passage attraction at Walt Disney World?

New Kinder Joy chocolates are also available, with collectible ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ figurines.

You can also enjoy limited edition Pandora Flakes, an “Avatar: The Way of Water” version of Frosted Flakes. This cereal offered a mild, sweet flavor, but came with a powerful blueberry smell that filled the air when we first opened it.

Tokyo DisneySea, in Japan, is offering a limited edition dessert and drink option.

Full Interview with Na'vi Language Creator Paul Frommer

We were given an interview with Paul Frommer, the creator of the Na’vi language that is used in the “Avatar” film as well as Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

'Avatar: The Way of Water' projection show at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

There is currently no specific end date for the “Avatar: The Way of Water” projection show, but, it can be assumed that it will stay around for at least the holiday season. If you consider this a must-see show offering, get your tickets and park pass reservations soon to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


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