New Breakfast Items Debut at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Florida

Guests looking to grab some breakfast during the morning hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have a few new options.

Available from 8-10 a.m. daily, three small breakfast offerings can be found at the Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They include:

  • Saka Farm Egg Bite – $6.99
  • Green Milk Bread Pudding – $6.49
  • Wamba Yogurt Cup – $6.49

Each offering comes in a small container with a lid and a disposable spoon. The lid helps to keep the egg bite and bread pudding warm. All three are pre-made and available immediately after purchasing.

Saka Farm Egg Bite
Green Milk Bread Pudding
Wamba Yogurt Cup

There is no word if the Milk Stand location at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge is also offering the same breakfast options, but we will update when we know.

Elsewhere at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ABC Commissary has also updated their breakfast menu with several options, as seen in the menu photos below.

Comment below and let us know which of these new breakfast offerings is your favorite once you’ve tried them!


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One Comment

  1. Um, since when did the studios get so exotic? They need to change the name of the ABC Commissary because the name no longer fits the menu. Do the workers of ABC really eat those exotic things for breakfast? Or do they eat normal breakfast foods like cereal, yogurt, eggs, bacon and pancakes? Sorry, but I would only eat the kids eggs with sweet potatoes, the assorted pastries and the s’mores cookie. The rest? Hard pass, especially first thing in the morning.