New details revealed for Tokyo Disneyland expansion opening in 2020

Oriental Land Company has announced new details for the expansions coming to Tokyo Disneyland in Fantasyland, Toontown, and Tomorrowland on April 15, 2020.

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The additions to Fantasyland will bring the animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” to life through the trackless dark ride, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, as well as shops and dining locations. Also new to the land will be Fantasyland Forest Theatre, an indoor theater that will host performances of the new stage show, “Mickey’s Magical Music World.”

Tomorrowland will see the opening of The Happy Ride with Baymax, a spinning ride similar to Alien Swirling Saucers at Walt Disney World and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree at Disney California Adventure in the U.S.


The new “Beauty and the Beast” area will stretch from Belle’s village to the forest where Beast’s castle is located. At the entrance to the village will be Maurice’s Cottage, where Disney FastPass machines will be located.

belle's village

Inspired by the film, a fountain dedicated to the inimitable Gaston will be located at the center of the village area. La Taverne de Gaston restaurant and Village Shoppes, including one themed to Belle’s favorite bookstore, will line the street. Guests will hear music from the film filling the street, giving them the feeling as though they’ve stepped right into Belle’s world.

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La Taverne de Gaston will be a counter-service restaurant that seats around 200 guests, styled after the tavern in the film. Inside, guests will find many trophies celebrating Gaston’s accomplishments, as well as a large portrait of him above the fireplace. The restaurant will serve hearty fare inspired by the character, like a sausage in a croissant, a French toast sandwich with cheese, or a soft drink version of Gaston’s favorite brew.


Opening next to La Taverne de Gaston will be LeFou’s, a small snack shop named after the loyal sidekick. Here, guests will find apple-caramel churros, a new flavor for Tokyo Disneyland. Another snack stop will be Le Petit Popper, a popcorn wagon where Belle offers up freshly-popped corn.

The Village Shoppes include La Belle Librairie, Little Town Traders, and Bonjour Gifts. While La Belle Librairie is designed like the library from the film, Little Town Traders will be decorated with handmade toys, candlesticks, and dishware, and Bonjour Gifts will host dresses and clothier’s tools.

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The shops will offer about 100 different types of special merchandise inspired by “Beauty and the Beast.” Mugs and dishes with romantic designs featuring Beast’s castle or Belle dancing with the Beast, as well as playful items like eyeglass stands and cushions featuring designs of Gaston, will be available for purchase. Merchandise featuring the enchanted rose will also be on sale, including the Melody Light Rose, a toy that gives off light and sound. The new merchandise will be available at Grand Emporium starting April 8 and in the Village Shoppes starting April 15.

beast's castle

Once guests leave the village, they’ll enter the forest where Beast’s castle stands. Inside, they’ll experience the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction. Guests will board magical cups that “dance” to the rhythm of the animated film’s music as they travel through scenes depicting the story of Belle and the Beast.

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In the first ride scene, Belle encounters the prince who has been transformed into a beast by a beautiful enchantress. Other scenes include guests’ cups “dancing” together with the dishes and cutlery to Lumiere’s singing; the snow-covered garden where guests glide over ice as Belle and Beast grow closer; along with other magical moments.

The ride will last about 8 minutes, and Disney FastPass, single rider, and Happy 15 Entry (a special perk that allows guests staying at a Disney hotel to enter the park 15 minutes before the regular opening time) will be available for the attraction.

fantasyland forest theatre
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Also in Fantasyland will be the immersive Fantasyland Forest Theatre, the first indoor theater for Tokyo Disneyland. The exterior and interior design of the theater is inspired by the forest, and features decorative tapestries and murals that celebrate the wooded area and woodland creatures from Disney animated films. Here, about 1,500 guests at a time will be able to see “Mickey’s Magical Music World.”

mickey's magical music world

In the original stage show, Mickey and his pals find a giant music box deep in the forest. They turn the box’s large golden key, and find that doors suddenly open as Disney characters begin to appear. However, when the last door opens, no music is heard – so Mickey and friends set off to find the missing song.

There will be around 15 different plush toys and badges of Mickey Mouse and friends wearing costumes from the show available for purchase.


Opening in Tomorrowland, The Happy Ride with Baymax will be the world’s first rotating ride themed to Disney’s “Big Hero 6.”

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The story for the attraction has young inventor Hiro Hamada taking the first step in personal healthcare – which is to make people happy! In order to accomplish this, he and Baymax have developed this wild ride that is sure to put a smile on your face. Guests will be pulled by Baymax’s nursebot friends as their vehicles are whirled around to up-tempo music. A device on the ceiling will “scan” guests with lights to measure their happiness levels while on the ride.

The ride lasts about 1 minute and 30 seconds, and Disney FastPass is available. The Happy Ride with Baymax does have a height requirement of 81 centimeters (31.8 inches).

the big pop

Opening next door to the attraction will be The Big Pop, a cosmic-themed shop that specializes in all things popcorn. This will be Tokyo Disneyland’s first shop dedicated to the salty treat.

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The shop will be themed to outer space, featuring a giant popcorn chandelier hanging from the starry ceiling that represents the “big bang” that created the universe. Large windows inside and outside the shop will offer a kitchen view to guests so they can see the popcorn being made.

The Big Pop will offer a variety of popcorn buckets that can be filled with guests’ choice of three flavors of popcorn: Cookies & Cream, Caramel & Cheese, and Strawberry Milk.

For merchandise, a wagon called Stargazer Supplies will be a gathering place for astronomers and stargazers, thanks to its giant telescope.


For the first time at Tokyo Disneyland, guests will be able to meet Minnie Mouse in her own dedicated character spot when Minnie’s Style Studio opens in Toontown. As a world-renowned fashion designer, Minnie will greet her guests wearing her latest designs, which will change each season.

minnie's style studio

Minnie’s Style Studio will be where the starlet designs, creates, and photographs her creations. Guests will enter the lobby, where posters of magazine covers featuring Minnie are on display, visit her office where she draws her designs, and pass through the workroom where Minnie’s designs become reality. Finally, guests will head into the photo studio where Minnie will greet everyone wearing her latest design for the season.

For each of the four seasons, special merchandise that matches Minnie’s current costume at the studio will be on sale. In the spring, eight different types of merchandise, including headbands and plush badges, will be available for purchase.

Stay tuned for more updates on these new expansions coming to Tokyo Disneyland in April 2020! To learn more about Tokyo Disney Resort, visit


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