Lost bet causes New England SkyScreamer to be renamed Golden State SkyScreamer

A friendly wager between Six Flags New England in Massachusetts and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California has resulted in the New England SkyScreamer attraction being temporarily renamed the Golden State SkyScreamer.

Golden State SkyScreamer
Photos courtesy of Six Flags New England

Both parks were so proud that their local teams – the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics – were going head-to-head in the NBA Finals that they decided to make a little bet. Last week, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship, so Six Flags New England has now fulfilled its losing obligation by renaming its iconic attraction as the Golden State SkyScreamer – but only for one week.

“We tip our hats to our friends and colleagues at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the recent win of their beloved Warriors,” said Six Flags New England Park President Pete Carmichael. “We New Englanders are all too familiar with being crowned champions (17 titles) and welcome a rematch between the two coasts very soon. In the interim, we invite guests to take part in the fun and ride the limited-edition Golden State SkyScreamer.”

Six Flags New England SkyScreamer

The temporarily renamed Golden State SkyScreamer stands over 400 feet tall, making it one of the tallest swing rides in the world with impressive views as it speeds upwards of 40mph. 


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