New Lego Disney ‘Making Wonder’ series launches on YouTube

Disney and Lego have joined forces to launch the new Lego Disney “Making Wonder “series as part of the Disney100 celebration.

Lego Making Wonder

The new five-episode YouTube series hosted by Mari Copeny and Nicole Laeno combines Disney storytelling with the creativity of Lego building for Disney-inspired Lego brick challenges. The result? Double the magic and double the fun, as creators are challenged to bring Lego Disney experiences to life.

The first episode features Belgian race car driver Naomi Schiff taking on “Making Wonder” co-host Nicole Laeno in Cinderella- and Jasmine-inspired Lego go-karts.

Lego Making Wonder

“We have two awesome go-karts that are themed to the Lego Disney princesses – Cinderella and Jasmine,” explained Lego Master Builder Pete Donner. “They’re filled with iconic details from the films we all grew up with like the magic lamp where Genie lived and the [glass] slipper.”

Fun Fact: Building each kart took 100 to 150 hours and about 20,000 bricks.

A new episode will debut every two weeks featuring amazing builds, epic collaborations, surprise guests, and even a few unexpected twists.

You can check out the first episode of “Making Wonder” here:

Disney Princess-inspired Go Karts Made with LEGO Bricks!

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