New look at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance debuts during Disney’s Thanksgiving special

by Banks Lee

With just one week remaining until the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney has revealed new footage from inside the attraction.

Guests pass under two big laser cannons during their journey on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Originally aired during The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration on ABC, this preview is the most detailed look yet at the groundbreaking attractions, opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on Dec. 5, 2019, and at Disneyland in California on Jan. 17, 2020.


Below are screenshots from the preview, presented in what we believe will be the order you will see them during your ride experience.

Guests make their way through a hidden Resistance base on Batuu in the queue for the attraction.
In the first pre-show room, BB-8 rolls out to help inform guests of their mission.
Guests then board a transport shuttle off of Batuu.
Inside the transport shuttle, guests will encounter an animatronic of a Mon Calamari and see visuals of Batuu and eventually space in windows throughout the cabin.
Soon the transport will encounter a battle with the First Order.
Guests will be captured at this point and get off the shuttle inside a Star Destroyer hanger.
This shot is supposedly a look at Kylo Ren igniting his lightsaber above a holding cell for guests just before loading into the main attraction vehicle.
Once guests board their 8-person trackless ride vehicle, they will start their journey through the Star Destroyer looking for an escape pod.
At one point in the ride, guests will come face-to-face with two life-size AT-AT walkers.
Stormtroopers will begin firing at guests as they split up under the AT-ATs.
At one point, Kylo Ren will start hunting down guests. We are hearing that this lightsaber moment is a physical effect.
We aren’t sure at what point this probe droid will appear, but it definitely looks like a dead end for guests!
Towards the end of the ride, the Resistance will arrive to help, and guests will pass under two giant laser cannons as they are firing.
Once the vehicles reach the escape pod, a whole different ride experience begins featuring a motion simulator and drop shaft combined as guests escape back to Batuu.

Stay tuned to AttractionsMagazine.com and all of our social media channels as we bring you coverage from the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance next week!

UPDATE: Disney has released a teaser to media of the b-roll from inside the attraction, which you can view below. More video will be released early Wednesday morning, Dec. 4.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Official Attraction B-Roll Teaser

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