New Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merch now available as part of Disney100

Disney launched a new merchandise line celebrating Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s original cartoon character. The Oswald merch collection is available now on shopDisney online, as well as at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Pin of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia the cat holding a flower
Images courtesy of Disney

The new Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merch is part of Disney100, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. The Oswald line is the most recent in a series of collections spotlighting important moments in Disney history. Other collections focus on the Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland, and the 1920s — with plenty more on the way throughout 2023.

Check out the full Oswald merch collection and pricing below.

Oswald Apparel

No matter the weather or your preferred style, there’s an Oswald shirt for you as part of the Disney100 collection. All items featured here run in adult sizes only.

This short-sleeved button-up woven shirt sports an all-over print of Oswald’s long, floppy ears. It’s $59.99.

White short-sleeved button-up shirt featuring an all-over print of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's floppy ears

Another short-sleeve button option, this blue shirt has a small embroidery of Oswald’s ears on the front. The back displays artwork from “Rival Romeos,” an Oswald short film from 1928. It’s priced at $54.99.

Blue shirts with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit playing the guitar

Matching shorts are available separately, with just the ears and Oswald’s name, for $44.99.

Blue shorts featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's floppy black ears

The collection further spotlights “Rival Romeos” with a red and blue striped design, available as a tote bag ($39.99), throw blanket ($59.99), or scarf ($14.99).

Red and blue striped tote bag featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit playing the guitar

On this cream-colored pullover, Oswald fancies himself an artist. It goes for $59.99.

Cream-colored pullover shirt featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit drawing a squiggle line

Oswald shows how tough he is on this blue long-sleeve shirt celebrating “Sky Scrappers,” a 1928 short. On the back, Oswald rides a horse. It’s $44.99.

Blue long-sleeve shirt showing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit looking tough

Oswald peeks through the front — and back — of this design. It’s available for $64.99 as a gray hoodie or $29.99 as a black t-shirt.

Grey hoodie featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit popping through the front
Black t-shirt featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's backside hanging out

Oswald Collectibles

No Disney merch collection is complete without pins! To start off, this simple design features Oswald himself, his name, and music notes for $14.99.

Pin featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's name and the character wearing blue shorts

Oswald drives impatiently in this pin, also priced at $14.99.

Pin featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit driving an old car and looking impatiently

Ortensia joins Oswald in this next pin. It’s limited edition, though shopDisney doesn’t specify the number produced. It’s $17.99.

Pin of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia the cat holding a flower

If pins aren’t your thing, but you’d still like an Oswald collectible to celebrate Disney100, this 8.25-inch polyhedron figure might be for you. Not only does it honor Disney100, it also celebrates Oswald’s 95 anniversary. It costs $110.00.

Silver polyhedron figure of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit wearing blue shorts

Oswald Merch That’s Perfect for the Parks

Mouse ears are so 1955. Show your love for Oswald with these accessories that are fun for any occasion, but are especially perfect for a visit to Disney theme parks or a fan event.

These rabbit ears reinvent the classic Mickey Mouse ear hat, and feature Oswald poking through the front. They’re $24.99.

Black cap featuring Oswald's floppy rabbit ears

Similar to the favorite Minnie Mouse headbands, this Oswald headband swaps out mouse ears for rabbit ears. It’s $34.99.

Black headband with Oswald's floppy rabbit ears

MagicBand fans might want to add this Oswald MagicBand+ to their collection. At the time of this writing, it’s available for backorder with an estimated shipping date of Mar. 31, 2023. It sells for $44.99.

Cream-colored wearable MagicBand+ bracelet featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald at Home

Several items in Disney100’s Oswald collection will make for everyday use around your home.

Start your day or get that afternoon pick-me-up from coffee poured into this Oswald mug. The blue cup has a nod to Walt Disney Studios’ original Hyperion location in Los Feliz, California. It’s available for $19.99.

Blue mug featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit popping through the "Walt Disney Studios" lettering

Add some character to your workspace with this Oswald-inspired desk lamp. It’s $79.99.

Black desk lamp with rabbit ears

This Oswald plush pillow doubles as cute décor and a soft addition to your couch or bed. It’s priced at $39.99.

Plush pillow shaped like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's smiling face

Oswald plays the banjo in this adorable 17-inch plush, complete with a snazzy Disney100 label on Oswald’s foot. It costs $34.99.

Black-and-white plush doll of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit playing the banjo

Fans who collect nuiMOs might want to welcome Oswald to their nuiMOs crew. He’s $19.99.

Small Oswald the Lucky Rabbit nuiMOs plush wearing blue shorts

Who is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?

Oswald may have the most eclectic history of any Disney character. Walt Disney and his animators created Oswald cartoons in the 1920s for Universal. Walt didn’t own the character, though, and Universal eventually continued producing Oswald shorts without Walt. In the aftermath of this saga, Walt created Mickey Mouse. Disney famously traded football commentator Al Michaels to Universal in exchange for the rights to Oswald in 2006.

Since then, Oswald’s presence within the Disney pantheon has been sporadic at best, but he’s well-loved by his fans. He occasionally makes appearances at Disney California Adventure, most recently during the park’s Lunar New Year celebration. Oswald also starred in a new one-minute short film in Dec. 2022.

Whether you’re a lifelong Oswald fan or learning about the fabled character for the first time, Disney100’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merch has something for everyone. All items listed here are available on shopDisney, along with an abundance of other Disney100 collections.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Meeting Guests During Lunar New Year Event at Disney California Adventure

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