New Star Wars merchandise takes inspiration from McDonald’s Happy Meals

For Star Wars fans with a taste of nostalgia for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, Loungefly has created the perfect bag, and there’s a clothing line to go with it.

Loungefly Star Wars Bantha Burger McDonald's Happy Meal
Bantha Burger McDonald’s inspired Happy Meal bag at Disney Springs for $95.

If Star Wars had a fast food chain on Tatooine, it only makes sense that they would sell bantha meat. If you’re not familiar with Star Wars (or it’s been awhile), banthas are the large creatures seen on Tatooine that almost look like Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street. They tend to travel in herds, and can be seen being ridden by Tusken Raiders (and occasionally Boba Fett). 

Star Wars Bantha loungfly inspired by McDonald's happy meal

Obviously, the best way to wash down a Bantha Burger (especially after a long day under those twin suns) is with some blue milk, so Loungefly combined the two to make a happy meal-inspired bag. The bag resembles the cardboard containers that hold the famous McDonald’s Happy Meal. One side has a bantha face; on the other there is a picture of a Tatooine-based happy meal. Attached is a blue milk-themed change purse. If you were concerned about where the bantha meat came from, don’t worry. The bag states it’s “free range and locally sourced.”

Star Wars ‘Bantha Burger & Blue Milk’ clothes are also available

To complete the outfit, you can also find a bantha burger visor and T-shirt. However, if blue milk is more your thing, you can find a polo or a sweater with a little R2-D2 serving some fresh blue bantha milk. 

Bantha Burgers shirt
Bantha Burger shirt: $34.99
Star Wars Enjoy Blue Milk
Enjoy Blue Milk: $54.99
Star Wars polo and visor
R2-D2 Polo: $59.99 Visor: $29.99

If you prefer something a bit cozier, there are also sweatpants. They have a bantha, some blue milk, a bantha burger, and some fries on them. For the full sweats outfit, you can complete the ensemble with a cozy sweater. The sweater has fries, a bantha burger, and some blue milk ice cream. Perfect for a chilly day in Galaxy’s Edge, or a night on the couch with the newest episode of Ahsoka. 

Bantha Burger sweatpants
Sweatpants: $49.99
Bantha Burgers sweatershirt
Sweater: $59.99

To make your own bantha burgers: Star

These items have been seen at Disneyland in California, and at Disney Springs in Florida. If you’re in Florida check out the Star Wars Galactic Outpost store on the West Side, next to the Marvel store. If you won’t be making it to the parks anytime soon, you can buy the Bantha Burger shirt on ShopDisney.

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