Niche Disney ‘Bambi-‘inspired Flower diffuser now for sale

Looking for a niche item for a Disney fan? This new “Bambi-“inspired Flower diffuser caught our eye on a recent trip to Disney Springs because it’s the type of super unique product we normally see at the Tokyo Disney Resort and wish we could have in the United States.

"Bambi-"inspired Flower diffuser for sale at Disney Springs and on shopDisney.

For those who may not have seen the movie, this Flower diffuser doesn’t diffuse flowers; Flower is the name of the skunk character from the film. This is a standard diffuser hidden within a very unique outer shell, with the Flower character standing out.

Super Unique ‘Bambi’ Flower Diffuser For Sale at Disney Springs #Shorts

The “Bambi-“inspired Flower diffuser is currently selling for $39.99 plus tax at both Disney Springs and on shopDisney. This diffuser is larger than you may expect, measuring eight inches tall and nine inches long.

Multi-angle views on 'Bambi' inspired Flower diffuser for sale.

You can’t deny its looks certainly stand out against other diffusers on the market, and the colors are just as vibrant in person as they appear on screen. This diffuser is powered with a USC to USB cable, but it does not come with a USB power brick.

The reviews online are currently iffy, but almost all complaints regard getting it to initially operate. According to numerous reviews, you will need to clean the filter and, when placing the filter back, push it up to get this skunk-themed scent sprayer to work.

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  1. I am the proud owner of this little beauty. Like many others, I could not get it to work and there were no instructions. I had this plugged in for an hour and nothing was coming out, though it eventually started making a high pitched squealing noise. Luckily, TikTok users came to the rescue. I saw a tip to turn it upside down. Once I did that, it immediately started working. I am back to being happy about my purchase!