Nigerian Dwarf Goats join Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There are new kids on the block at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris – Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

kilimanjaro safaris

Now, as guests wrap up their adventure on the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, they’ll find a warden’s outpost that’s been taken over by these West African goats as they chase, climb and play.

Originally from Nigeria, these goats are considered to be of high value because of the sweet, high protein milk they provide. Since they’re able to help support the village with goat milk products, there’s less of a need for people to rely on wildlife, which helps keep wildlife and their habitats protected. Since the Warden’s outpost is on the edge of the reserve, this shared land is managed in a way that helps protect local wildlife, so both the animals and humans can live near each other in harmony.

Be sure to hop aboard Kilimanjaro Safaris the next time you’re at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see these playful creatures for yourself! If an up-close encounter is more your style, head to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, where the Affection Section has reopened for visits with goats and other animals.


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