Orlando International Airport’s CLEAR Reservation Lane makes travel easier

Orlando International Airport’s new service, Reservation Lane powered by CLEAR, lets travelers reserve a security lane time slot, making their transit faster and more predictable. Plus, it’s free!

Orlando International Airport's CLEAR Reservation Lane
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For the last decade, CLEAR has been creating frictionless experiences for airport travel, and now Orlando International Airport (MCO) has become the first airport to pilot the new Reservation Lane program.

“Since the very beginning, Orlando International Airport leaders have guided growth and development of Central Florida’s main airport to include innovative technology, and to enhance the travel experience,” said Brian Engle, director of customer experience of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “The Reservation Lane service will offer a streamlined process for the modern traveler, allowing us to better deliver ‘The Orlando Experience.’”

The steps for using the free Reservation Lanes are simple:

-Using the Reservation Lane powered by Clear online booking portal, look for and choose an available time slot for your party’s entry into a CLEAR lane.

-Confirm the chosen time slot, then enter your flight details and the number of passengers in your group.

-Enter your name, email address, and phone number.

-Receive a unique QR code via email.

-Upon arrival at the airport, look for signs indicating a CLEAR lane, enter the lane, scan the issued QR code, and move directly to TSA screening to have your boarding pass and ID screened.

-Proceed to the regular TSA physical security station.

Reservation lanes will be located at the airport’s East and the West checkpoints. Each day’s time slots will be limited.

Reservation Lane signage

“The travel experience can be unpredictable, from the moment you step outside your door to the moment you arrive at your destination,” CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker said. “We are excited to offer this new experience alongside Orlando International Airport, and help give their travelers more predictability and control over their time. With CLEAR’s solutions, travelers are enjoying faster and easier travel from home to gate.”

Travelers transitioning through MCO who would like a faster, on-demand experience can use CLEAR Plus, introduced at the airport in 2010.

CLEAR Plus requires no reservations. Travelers simply undergo an eye scan that allows for quick, frictionless entry at both the standard and TAS PreCheck security screening locations.

This service costs $15 per month, billed annually, and is available at 38 airports and 100+ security lanes nationwide.

For more information, visit ClearMe.com.


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  1. Unfortunately it only seems to be available to certain destinations. For instance you can make a reservation for St. Martin or Belize but not St. Thomas in the USVI!