Earthquake ride closes – to reopen as Disaster!

Universal Orlando will soon unveil a new attraction called “Disaster! A Major Motion Picture Ride . . . Starring You.” It will replace the current Earthquake attraction.

Earthquake closed permanently today as work began on the new experience. Initial construction has already been underway inside the attraction for several weeks. Disaster is expected to open in December.

The new attraction will offer guests an all-new experience that combines the best, most dramatic elements of Earthquake with new blockbuster celebrity talent, new ride elements, new digital technologies, interactive components and a new storyline.

“Earthquake has been a popular attraction and a strong part of our history,” said Bill Davis, president and chief operating officer of Universal Orlando Resort. “But we are always looking for ways to create more compelling, more entertaining experiences for our guests. Disaster! will deliver on that goal.”

A specific opening date for the new attraction and more details about the experience will be released soon.


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  1. Last I heard, they were just redoing the preshow. I was there last week, and it was down for mechanical difficulties. I bet they are pretty much leaving the tram part of it the same, and just changing the preshow up.

  2. At least it’s not going away, even though it’s cheesy. As awesome as the new Simpsons ride may be, I’ll still miss BTTF a lot, just like I miss Hanna-Barbera.