Pastry artist designs eye-catching Disney and pop culture cakes

Cakes so colorful and fun you “almost” don’t want to eat them. Josué ‘The Cake Guy’ Luciano on Instagram takes Disney films and pop culture and transforms them into edible pieces of art. From “Encanto” to Netflix’s “Wednesday,” “Beetlejuice” to Nintendo’s “Kirby” games, Luciano has the icing and artistry for a tasty treat.

Netflix's "Wednesday," Disney's "Encanto," and Nintendo's "Kirby" are all featured by artist Josué Luciano on the "The Cake Guy" Instagram posts.

Seen above is Luciano’s cake take on Netflix’s “Wednesday” window. This specific cake went viral this week, which helped us find ‘The Cake Guy.’ Disney’s “Encanto” took the world by storm in 2021, and this Mirabel inspired cake dress design is sure to grab a young fan’s attention. And, how can you deny the cute appeal of Kirby in his colorful world of food and treats.

Tacos, cartoon cakes, and "Beetlejuice" tasty cake creations.

Seen above are three very different cakes, each with a distinct theme. When it comes to fan-favorite foods, tacos, and cake are probably tied. Fans of “Beetlejuice” surely recognized the center cake with its pop of color and striped design. And a recent trend has been to cartoonize real-world objects. This cartoon cake certainly looks like something out of an old Disney short.

The Grinch, Miguel, and Winifred Sanderson are all represented in these Disney and pop culture cakes.

Grinch fans love to meet him in person for wild antics and interactions. Seen above, Grinch’s infamous colors and “favorite” holiday have been showcased in sweet sugar and icing. “Coco” is one of Pixar’s best musicals, from the visuals to the iconic song, “Remember Me,” this animated film is a fan-favorite. Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” witches came back in 2022 with a Disney+ sequel. Luciano was inspired to make this treat that will put a spell on you

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood this spring. But for now, you can enjoy this Princess Peach inspired cake. The mushroom topper is my favorite detail on this Mario Bros. inspired design. While not a cake, Universal Studios Hollywood is now offering Super Nintendo World drink items.

You may not turn red when you see this cake, but you are surely going to get hungry.

A cake inspired from Pixar’s “Inside Out,” with flavors inspired by Bing Bong. Where could you go wrong? This candy-coated cake is something right out of your imagination.

You can enjoy even more cake creations on Luciano’s “The Cake Guy” Instagram page. Which of these Disney and pop culture cakes were your favorite?


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