Best Universal Grinch meet and greet moments caught on camera

by Tharin White

Meeting the Grinch character at Universal’s Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Hollywood has become a wildly popular experience. The Grinch’s extreme antics, combined with visitors equally crazy gifts, has combined to create a hectic yet wholesome experience at the parks. Over the years, visitors to both parks have documented their experiences and we found the best of the best.

Best Universal Grinch moments caught on camera.

It is pretty standard for meet and greet lines to be hours long to meet the Grinch. His outgoing personality has made him famous among not just Universal characters, but meet and greets worldwide.

The Grinch Loves Memorial Day! - Meeting the Grinch at Universal Orlando Resort #Shorts

We met the Grinch and asked about his other favorite holidays throughout the years. He did not disappoint, as he offered a whole array of good and not-so-good holiday options.


Out grinched the grinch

♬ You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Tyler, The Creator

As we said, the Grinch is a bit hectic. But, if you can dish it back to him, you might be the perfect holiday pairing.

@finding_denny The Grinch. Circa 2017. Universal Studios Hollywood #grinchmas #grinchtiktok #fyp #universalstudioshollywood #grinchtok #thegrinchtiktok #thegrinch #disneyparks #disney ♬ original sound – Denny

The Grinch isn’t afraid of Mickey Mouse or surprise questions. His quick wit to gifts, questions, and comments is what has made this meet and greet so infamous.

@tatianatoselli #thegrinch #universalstudiosorlando #grinchuniversalstudios ♬ original sound – tatiana toselli

This full interaction video showcases how many wild moments can happen in just a few short minutes. From beating up a toy, to acting out a scene, jumping on furniture, and gifting people trash, the Grinch gives his all for each interaction.

@idntgveafckk i think he liked it! #grinch #grinchtiktok #grinchmas #universalstudios #grinchuniversalstudios #universalorlando #fyp #funny #merrygrinchmas ♬ original sound – Lexxxx

Aaaahhh! The Grinch’s scream can be heard all around Whoville, and is one of the highest compliments you can receive. Usually, these screams come from reactions to gifts, tattoos, make-up, and costumes.

@user9139463701099 ✨Life time of onions 🧅✨ #fyp #foryoupage #viral #grinch #christmas #grinchtok #howthegrinchstolechristmas #christmastiktok #grinchtiktok #grinchmas ♬ original sound – C🥂

Another set of screams, this time in regards to the most famous Grinch gift, the onion. Gifting onions to the Grinch has gotten popular, but nevertheless he screeches with excitement. On very rare occasions, he has even taken bites out of onion gifts.

The Grinch’s antics have even been showcased by Universal themselves. A short series of Universal Grinch Instagram Reels have been posted this who-liday season.

We can keep going and going with Grinch content. Every video you see is different, yet equally grinchy.

@ashleycrxz i was so nervous 😂 #universalorlando #grinchmeetandgreet ♬ original sound – ashley

If you want a great interaction with the Grinch, we have noticed a pattern he likes to focus on, himself. He likes to showoff his large rear, his collection of trash and onions, and he loves anything you bring that relates back to him.

@foodscope I asked the grinch for a hug and he said yes but only under his circumstances 😂💚 #thegrinch #grinch #grinchmas #grinchtiktok #grinchmeetandgreet #grinchuniversalstudios #florida #orlando #seusslanding #travel #traveltiktok #universalstudios #universalorlando #islandsofadventure #islandsofadventureorlando #universalstudiosflorida ♬ You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (From “Dr. Suess’ the Grinch 2018”) – Starlite Singers

The Grinch loves hugs as much as he loves the idea of never-ending joy and caroling. Grinch hugs, such as this, truly are a Christmas miracle.

Unlike other meet and greets, the Grinch doesn’t usually shy away from difficult questions like, “did you take a poop break?”

@user9139463701099 !Not my video!. These are just to funny so I have to post them 🤣 #fyp #foryoupage #viral #grinch #christmas #grinchtok #grinchmas #howthegrinchstolechristmas ♬ original sound – C🥂

The Grinch, like us all, can have a quick switch of attitudes when we need too. Seen above, a gift, especially one as incredible as that, is worth being less cranky for.

@_icarlee_ the grinch did not beat sam with the log no need to worry everyone #grinch #universalstudios #grinchmas ♬ original sound – carlee

The Grinch, due to his incredible popularity, is used to cameras being on him. So sometimes he decides to get in the camera’s personal space.

@socaltallguy We brought the Grinch Mickey Ears as a Christmas gift 😅😂 @#universalstudioshollywood #grinch #grinchmas2022 #christmas #themepark #drsuess #disney #disneyland ♬ original sound – Andrew Perez

As we mentioned, the Grinch knows about Mickey Mouse. But the Grinch also refuses to let a mouse reign his Who-liday celebration.

Again, the Grinch loves himself. Bringing attention to him will also bring attention to you. That means more interaction moments after the long, long wait to see him.

In the end, even the Grinch has a schedule. So, make sure you get to the Universal Parks early for a chance to hang with him. If you missed him this year, we are sure he will be back next year for more Who-liday antics.

How The Grinch prepares for "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Don’t miss your chance to meet the Grinch, see the Whos, visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, see the Macy’s Parade and much more, all at the Universal Orlando Resort.


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