Photo Update: Bowser’s Castle rises from the scaffolds at Super Nintendo World

by Tharin White

Universal Studios Japan continues its construction on Super Nintendo World with plans to open around the 2020 Summer Olympics. Recent aerial and in-park photography, provided by @LCAStudios_USJ, @Yuta_USJ, and @chizuoo on Twitter, has given us great insight into this upcoming land.

super nintendo world
Photo by @Yuta_USJ on Twitter

This view gives an incredible idea of the immense detail we can expect in Super Nintendo World. The Super Mario games are full of kinetic energy and bright colors, and it seems that Universal is recreating that atmosphere.

This view also showcases how many of the movements will be accomplished. Yoshi can be seen on his “jump track,” which will make Yoshi move around the tree, with the elevated portions designed to appear to make him jump. It is also assumed that the coins will spin on the blocks as well. A close look at the bottom left of the image and we can see the POW block connected to two other brick blocks and coins. These three blocks are all connected and on a track system. Expect to see them move left and right.


This video was captured during testing and gives us a look at what the clouds and blocks can do. Between blocks, clouds, Yoshi, and other elements, we expect the land to be fully alive with movement!

super nintendo world
Photo by @LCAStudios_USJ on Twitter

While the pieces do move, you can obviously see how it works. Does this bother you, or do you feel it’s a small sacrifice to make things move in this land? Let us know in the comments.

bowser's castle
Photo by @Yuta_USJ on Twitter

This aerial shot gives an amazing look at the overall feel of the land. Once again, we can see the overabundance of color. We can also see the beginnings of a piranha plant on the right. The white covered objects in a line are the Yoshi ride vehicles. They look to be entering a large pipe. Expect the surrounding high walls of the land to help sell the immersion with bright backdrops.

peach's castle
Photo by @LCAStudios_USJ on Twitter

Not a ton to see so far, but here is our first look at Peach’s Castle, which will be the entrance to Super Nintendo World.

super nintendo world
Photo by @LCAStudios_USJ on Twitter

Last, but certainly not least, we can see horns have been placed on Bowser’s Castle! This large castle facade is expected to be the entrance to the Mario Kart attraction. It should also be one of the top three tallest structures in the land.

Detail is king at this new park expansion, and we are so excited to see what else will show up. Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments!


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Hassan Abdullatif February 27, 2020 - 7:09 am

The thing i’m most excited for in this land is the Mario Kart ride.


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