Photo Update: Jurassic Park ‘Velocicoaster’ continues construction amid closures

by Tharin White

While the theme park world has been rattled with sudden closures, Universal Parks and Resorts are continuing to look towards the future. While many of their theme parks are closed worldwide, construction has not stopped. Today we look at the work on the rumored high-speed “Velocicoaster” coming to the Jurassic Park area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure.


This coaster is expected to have numerous thrilling elements, such as a launch and a top-hat maneuver. We expect the theming to be light compared to Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, but that doesn’t mean theming will be absent. This attraction will focus more on thrills than animatronic and screen-based storytelling.

universal's islands of adventure

This shot gives us an idea of the scale of the land being used for this coaster construction compared to that of the nearby land, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade. It’s also important to note the lush trees that still exist in the transition areas between the lands. The Jurassic Park area has consistently had the most foliage, though construction over the past year has ripped out most of this. It will be interesting to see how much comes back and how trees and bushes will be integrated into the coaster’s design.


While the closures are certainly not ideal, a silver lining is the speed at which construction can ramp up. Without having to worry about day guests, the workers can bring equipment in faster. Let’s hope our time away from the parks allows them to create new experiences more quickly.

universal's islands of adventure

The Velocicoaster, as rumors suggest, will begin with guests coming face-to-face with raptors. Details are scarce on whether these would be regular raptors from the “Jurassic Park” franchise, or specifically Blue from the “Jurassic World” films. This explains why the ride suddenly takes off as guests attempt to escape the carnage of human-hungry beasts.

Photo by @Bioreconstruct on Twitter with map overlay by @OrlandoParkStop on Twitter

According to inside sources discovered by Alicia Stella at Orlando Park Stop, this above image is a close idea of the track layout for the Velocicoaster. Looking over the footers placed in the water and the general construction throughout, we agree.

universal's islands of adventure

The coaster will be near the water for a large portion of the ride, much like The Incredible Hulk roller coaster on the other side of the park. Based on the height of the top-hat maneuver, you may be able to see the coaster from every section of the park as well. You certainly will be able to see this attraction from the waterfront seating area of Hogsmeade. Perhaps the height of the buildings will block the coaster, but there’s a possibility that portions of the coaster will also be seen from the main pathway of Hogsmeade.


Another point to note is the drop in elevation from the main walkway. The coaster, its queue, and all the show elements are being built at the water-level. Perhaps this will allow for interesting views above the coaster from the main walkway. It also appears that the only way to get to the roller coaster’s entrance will be from the Jurassic Park Discovery Center or the side path nearby.

universal's islands of adventure

Last, but certainly not least, is the relocation of Raptor Encounter. The raptors are being moved closer to Jurassic Park River Adventure.


The beginnings of concrete and the electric fence barrier have begun. This project is relatively small compared to the Velocicoaster. We fully expect this to be finished this year, with hopes that it will be completed by mid-summer.

Flying Over Empty Theme Parks - Disney, Universal, SeaWorld shutdown for Coronavirus

The parks may be closed, but this is temporary and we are excited to be back and enjoying them again. For now, check out this article on 15 ways to make theme park magic at home.


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