Photo Update: What's happening at Epcot – July 2010

Reader and contributor Don Gworek recently sent us some photos of spots on the outside of Spaceship Earth at Epcot, so I headed out to check it out for myself and to see what else was new in the park.

Here’s a closer look at the spots. My guess is they’re mold spots, but a cast member told me it was from a lightning strike. Whatever it’s from, I hope they clean it off soon.
UPDATE: Disney spokesperson Andrea Finger let us know the spots are definitely not from a lightning strike. She emphasized that the ride has not been affected at all, and that maintenance is aware of the issue and will be cleaning it soon.

This area in Innoventions West that used to feature the Rockin’ Robots is now a large sitting area. Rockin’ Robots was sponsored by KUKA. If you want to see some KUKA robot arms, just head over to Innoventions East to the Sum of All Thrills ride.

These new pins have been added to the Captain EO merchandise cart outside of the attraction. I’m not sure how the flashing sunglasses fit in.
I took my 11-year-old son and his friend to see Captain EO for the first time. After, I asked if they liked it and they both just said “It’s weird”.

In a pin related story, while dining in The Land, a cast member manager came up to talk to us. My son noticed a Disney pin he wanted that the manager was wearing, but he forgot to bring any pins to trade with. So my son offered his apple juice. The manager was nice to give him the pin without taking his apple juice.

Satisfaction, a Rolling Stones tribute band was playing in the American Garden Theatre as part of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. Satisfaction plays through Saturday, July 10. Here’s the rest of the schedule:
July 11 – 17: Slippery When Wet – A Bon Jovi Tribute
July 18 – 24: 2U – A Tribute to U2
July 25 – 31: Beginnings – A Tribute to Chicago

It was getting dark by the time I made it around all the countries to Mexico. But you can see the construction of the new restaurant is progressing well.

Mouse Gear had quite a few cool new retro Epcot T-shirts for sale. I wanted to buy most of them but restrained myself this time.

As usual we all rode Test Track on our way out of the park. To avoid the longer lines we usually go through the single rider line. This time I ended up in a car full of women. The lady next to me seemed nervous and said to her friend, “This isn’t going to be good.” So I asked if it was her first time riding. She said, “No, I just need to pee really bad. We just came from the bar in Mexico.” Luckily for me and her, she made it to the bathroom in time.


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  1. Remember how they were spraying for bugs not to long ago here in Florida? The spray they drop from the planes could have made those mysterious marks on Space Ship Earth.

  2. THANK GOD!!!!!! I HATED the robots. they were an annoyance for all the CM’s who worked at Piggy Bank or Slapstick Studios.