PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort debuts new ‘Moana’-themed rooms

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has reopened to guests at Walt Disney World Resort, and with it comes the debut of new rooms themed to the animated film “Moana.”

Photos by Seth Kubersky

The guest rooms at the Polynesian now feature a color palette and various patterns inspired by the Disney animated film, though not what I would call “in-your-face” for the most part.

Much of the Moana inspiration can be found in the art along the walls and other minimal inclusions throughout the rooms. The carpets feature a fun mish-mash of patterns that feel authentic to their inspiration.


The bathrooms feature double sinks and a combination shower bath, with the Polynesian floral patterns continuing throughout.

The suites feature a similar color palette and patterns, and have ample more space to show them. Here you’ll find even more art featuring hidden Pua’s, as well as art depicting the heroine alongside Maui, her grandmother, and Hei Hei.


The bathrooms are far more spacious in the suites, and feature a full shower, vanity table, and an open-style closet with plenty of storage shelving.

Bookings are now available for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. To check availability, click here.


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