PHOTOS: New security, bag check area now open at Epcot

The relocated bag check and security area for Epcot is now open for guests.

Photos by Banks Lee

This new area will make entering the park even easier for guests, especially those who arrive via monorail from the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).

tram load and unload

Here is where the parking lot guest trams currently load and unload.

new epcot tram load and unload

The new, permanent tram area is not quite ready, and is hidden behind shrubbery for now.

new security area

The security area has been relocated to beneath part of the monorail station. This is where the trams used to load and unload guests.

This new location now keeps guests arriving by monorail from the TTC from having to go through security and have their bags checked twice. Guests traveling from the TTC already have to go through security before boarding the monorails.

new epcot security signs

Signs for security in this area are similar to those of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. These signs can be moved or re-arranged if security wants to change areas for strollers and wheelchairs only, for all guests, and for guests with no bags.

The exit areas from security remain the same, though they have been extended and no longer have the gates you have to push through to leave. There is also a new pathway from the Epcot bus loop to this relocated security area.

There is no signs of where the ‘Leave a Legacy’ obelisks will be relocated to, as it was previously reported that they would be moved to a new area outside of the park gates.

Stay tuned for more updates on Epcot’s ongoing transformation as it continues.


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