Pip’s Island, immersive family entertainment experience, returns to New York City in 2019

Pip’s Island, an immersive entertainment experience for kids and families, is making a permanent home in New York City in early 2019.

pip's island
You can experience Pip’s Island at its new home in NYC this fall.

After making its debut in November 2016 for a limited engagement in NYC, the next chapter of Pip’s Island is coming to the heart of Manhattan. This new location will combine immersive sets, an original storyline, exploratory spaces, and audiovisual content to help children find their inner spark and positively impact their world.

“Pip’s Island is as real as ‘make-believe’ gets for children,” said Walter Krudop, creative director. “They literally feel like they are entering a live video game and are pulled right into the story.”

Guests will travel through an hour-long “hero’s journey” by live performers, puppets, interactive set pieces, and animated characters. They will encounter a series of challenges and games to save the Island from darkness. Along the way, they can collect signature achievement badges called “sparks,” which parallel many elements of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics).

“Pip’s Island is a special blend of the creative arts including interactive space design, performance art, music, animation, digital gadgetry, and play; all brought together with seamless storytelling and audience engagement,” said Rania Ajami, chief creative officer of Pip’s Island. “We exist to cater to kids of today who take a 360 multi-sensory, multi-platform approach to engaging with their world.”

Pip’s Island is a time-ticketed experience for kids ages 4-10, but grown-ups are welcome to join in on the fun!

Tickets will go on sale in November 2018. To learn more, visit PipsIsland.com.

Check out the original trailer for the experience below:

Join Pip in NYC this Fall!

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