Top 10 amazing Planet Coaster attractions you’ll wish you could ride

by Brittani Tuttle
planet coaster

Planet Coaster has taken the theme park world by storm with its fantastic creations of dream theme park attractions. Photo courtesy of Planet Coaster.

Have you ever wished that you could create your dream roller coaster based off of your favorite film, tv show or video game? Or maybe even create an original attraction fit for a major theme park? With Planet Coaster, all this and more is possible.

Planet Coaster is a theme park construction and management simulation game for PC, and was released back in 2016. The game has recently surged in popularity, due to talented creators making amazing coasters, dark rides, and other attractions and sharing videos of them online.

Check out our Top 10 amazing Planet Coaster attractions you’ll wish you could ride below:

10. Donkey Kong’s Rickety Rails, created by Wasolski

This ride certainly brings to mind what could be possible for the Nintendo area coming to Universal Orlando Resort in the future. This is a fun mine cart attraction, filled with plenty of Donkey Kong references for the fans.


9. Epic Egyptian Coaster, created by Tommy LaFleur

This coaster utilizes a DLC pack for the game called “Adventure Pack,” and does it well. With heavily themed environments and the interior ride itself, this coaster takes a simple, original concept and blows it straight out of the pyramids.


8. Moana – the Ride, created by Tricky Plays Games

This coaster is for those Disney fans out there looking for something beyond a dark ride themed to a Disney classic. This roller coaster takes the aesthetic of Disney’s “Moana,” combines it with unforgettable moments from the film, and ends up with a coaster that feels more like an experience than a retelling of the tale.


7. Bioshock – Escape from Rapture, created by MrNadast

For years, fans of the video game series “Bioshock” have clamored for films, rides, and even more games from this juggernaut of an undersea tale. This dark-ride-roller-coaster hybrid brings the world of Rapture to life, along with a story that fans know all too well.


6. Batman the Ride: Arkham War, created by Wasolski

The environments in this dark ride are phenomenal. Utilizing comic book-esque themed lighting, this ride truly feels like you’re patroling through the dark and dismal streets of Gotham, on the hunt for Arkham’s worst of the worst.


5. Star Wars: Rogue One – the Ride, created by Wasolski

Another Wasolski coaster on the list, and for good reason. This coaster feels like Space Mountain meets Hyperspace Mountain on steroids. If only we could actually ride a coaster with jumps to lightspeed, surrounded by X-Wings and Tie-Fighters.


4. Back to the Future – Race Against Time, created by Wasolski

While this is not a coaster, it had to make the list simply for the use of the old ride audio from the former Back to the Future attraction at Universal Orlando Resort, as well as its great theming for a go-kart attraction. This ride is anything but heavy, Doc.


3. The Vault – A Fallout Story, created by RCT D!

Another great dark-ride-coaster combo based off of a video game series, The Vault brings riders into an underground safe haven from a nuclear wasteland. This simulation utilizes the spinning coaster option from Planet Coaster, adding a fun, unpredictable element to the ride experience.


2. Grimestone Mine – The Gold Rush Ride, created by RCT D!

Every part of this coaster was beautifully and painstakingly crafted, and its plain to see in its execution. The queue building, the lighting effects, theming and coaster design all help tell the story of Grimestone Mine and the pirates who come to rob it of its treasures.


And finally, the number one spot goes to:

1. Aliens: THE RIDE, created by Hin Nya

This was the first Planet Coaster video I ever watched, and has set the standard for the height of creativity, action and thrills I’ve come to use since. This ride has so much detail that you have to watch over and over again to catch. With the sound effects, music and props recreated in-game, this coaster is a true testament to the talent of its creator.

With the fun and flexibility of Planet Coaster, new and exciting creations are made and uploaded every day. To craft your own theme park creations, pick up Planet Coaster on Steam today.

For more information on Planet Coaster, visit the game’s website.


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jim weir January 17, 2018 - 12:02 pm

great game. Play it almost every day

Tadd K. Colloye January 19, 2018 - 2:43 am

1st coaster is so amazing. I am closely watching Hin-Nya from the previous contest, but this work was as expected. Im looking forward to next coaster!


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