Pointe Orlando book store closing mid-May


First the book store in Celebration closed, then it was announced that the Virgin Megastore is closing, now the B. Dalton book store in the Pointe Orlando shopping center is closing. The store is set to close in mid-May.

The B. Dalton has been a part of the Pointe Orlando center since it opened. The International Drive center has seen a lot of changes. Many stores have come and gone. In my opinion, it all started going downhill for the retail shops when the FAO toy store closed. The mall has been trying to resurrect itself and has become more of a center of restaurants.

Pointe Orlando is still a great place to go for dinner and a movie, but I’ll miss browsing the book store. There’s good news for the employees. I’ve been told they’ll all be relocated. B. Dalton is owned by Barnes & Noble.

Unfortunately for us, the book store in Celebration and the B. Dalton were two of the locations carrying Orlando Attractions Magazine. If any business owners reading this would like to carry the magazine, please let us know. We promise our magazine didn’t have anything to do with the stores closing.



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  1. That’s really a shame. So many of these tourist type shopping centers are filled with nothing but clothing, leather bag, and trinket stores. When I go to those shopping centers with others, the women always want to spend hours looking through the clothes/etc. and I always enjoyed heading to the bookstore to get some quiet time browsing books, which is something I rarely take the time to do at home.

    These days, it’s getting hard to find bookstores in those shopping malls, so I usually end up having to grab a drink and just sit in the shade and veg-out, or maybe look through the cooking store that’s usually part of the mall and play with the kitchen gadgets. Neither activity, though, do I enjoy as much as browsing books.

    It’s sad how little our society thinks of reading and intellectual activities and instead prefers to profit from simple-minded sports and over-priced shopping.

  2. Oy, it really sucks that the stores carrying your magazine are closing. B. Dalton, though, is probably one of my least favorite bookstores on the market.

    I’m super-bummed about the closing of the Virgin Megastore….

  3. Hi,
    I’m a several time visitor from London, England.
    I first came over in ’98 and the Pointe had recently opened.
    I really enjoyed visiting, especially B.Dalton. I remember I bought a great calendar there!
    I visited again for the millennium, and was really pleased to see that most of the original stores were still there.
    I’m visiting again this Christmas season, and although I’m staying in Lake Buena Vista, I was going to get a taxi to what was one of my favourite shopping areas. Now that Daltons has gone, I don’t know if I’ll bother!
    I think it must be something to do with me and bookstores.
    Today, I went to shopping area about a 25min. drive on a bus to go to what was my nearest Borders. Guess what, it’s closed down! Nowhere to buy my People magazine now!
    Help, are there any other bookstores in that vicinity, where I can walk to.
    Thank You, from ‘Over the Pond.’

  4. The only book stores that are close to the tourist areas are Books-a-Million off International Drive near Wet n’ Wild, and a Barnes & Noble on Sand Lake Road. If you’re staying in the Lake Buena Vista area, Barnes & Nobel would be closest for you. Just go down Apopka-Vineland Road/535 from the Downtown Disney area and turn right on Sand Lake Road and the book store will be on your right.