Pokémon Virtual Fest virtual theme park coming to Japan

The Pokémon Company has announced that it will be hosting Pokémon Virtual Fest, an unfinished virtual theme park, this month in Japan.

pokémon virtual fest
Photos courtesy of Blooloop

As reported by Blooloop, the event will run from Aug. 12-31 and offer rides based on Pokémon, as well as shows and footage of Pokémon Sword and Shield battles.

pokémon virtual fest

Guests will get to enjoy a full theme park-style experience complete with attractions, live events, and shops. Their alter egos in the park will be customizable avatars. Users can customize the theme park before going on rides like the Galarian Weezing Train and Gigantamax Ferris Wheel. Mini-games will include Inteleon’s Shooting Stop and Dugtrio’s Ring-Throwing Shop.

In addition, the virtual theme park will offer various missions created by SCRAP, a company that operates escape rooms in Japan.

pokémon virtual fest

The park will include four areas: Event Stage, Attraction Area, Beach Area and Store Area. While the theme park is “unfinished,” attractions and offerings will increase as users go on missions.

To learn more about Pokémon Virtual Fest, visit Pokemon2020.cluster.mu/


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