Polin Waterparks create new technology to recognize your day in the parks from a selfie

by Attractions Magazine Staff

Polin Waterparks has created a new way for theme parks to let visitors collect their vacation photos, all through the use of a selfie.

By Niamh Larkin

AIPIX, driven by Pomvom Experience, is an image recognition program that can detect an individual, even if their eyes are closed, their face is partially covered, or they are screaming on a roller coaster, all from a simple selfie that is taken and uploaded to the AIPIX system.

This technology is compatible with all smartphones and works to capture real-time videos, live videos, and still photographs that are uploaded to the app.

Participating theme parks would use their own version of the AIPIX app where their visitors can use this technology by taking and uploading a selfie to the app. Strategically placed cameras on attractions and around the park, and specially developed artificial intelligence architecture, will then collect photos and videos of guests enjoying slides and attractions throughout the day, which are then uploaded to the AIPIX system to be viewed at a later time by the guest on the app.

At the end of the day, visitors would not have to wait in line at the photo gift shop or end of an attraction to look and choose which photos they would like to purchase. Through this technology, they can look at their photos on their smartphone in one place, at their own time.

Polin Waterparks is a waterslide design and manufacturing company located in Dilovasi, Turkey. The company supplies waterslides to Six Flags parks, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Cartoon Network Waterpark in Thailand.

AIPIX Smart Slide by Polin Game Technologies


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