Quibi to open casting for ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ reboot

The gates to Olmec’s Hidden Temple are set to open once again, as Quibi is hosting an open casting for their reimagining of the classic Nickelodeon game show, “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

legends of the hidden temple

Quibi’s new version of the classic will feature many of the original elements of the show — the Moat Crossing, Olmec, and the Temple Run — but viewers will see these elements “grown-up” and aimed for an audience that has grown up along with them. The entire competition will be scaled up and have tougher challenges and bigger prizes to win.

Here’s how you can be among the first to get casting details for the new show:

  1. Get your knee and elbow pads dusted off and ready to go
  2. Find a teammate
  3. Visit Quibi.com and enter your email address to get the latest news from Quibi
  4. Keep an eye on your email for casting details

You must enter your email by this Friday, March 13 to get early access to casting details for “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Keep in mind that if you are cast in this action-packed revival, you will enter at your own risk — the choice is yours and yours alone!

To enter your email for casting interest, visit Quibi.com.


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