Removal of Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to begin next Wednesday

sorcerer's hat at disney's hollywood studios

News of the Sorcerer’s Hat impending removal at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was our most viewed story of 2014, so it makes sense that one of our first stories of 2015 would be about the process starting.

Beginning Jan. 7, 2015, construction walls will be put up around the Sorcerer’s Hat at the park as crews begin dismantling the structure. There is no word on how long this will take or if the Hat will eventually move to another location. But it’s expected to just be demolished.

Walt Disney World maps at many locations have now been updated without the Sorcerer’s Hat (we first reported about one of them before the removal was officially announced). Thanks to @PaulChadkin on Twitter, we have a look at the new Hollywood Studios map below with the hat removed:

disney's hollywood studios map sorcerer's hat gone

The Walt Disney World overview map below, found at local hotels, also shows the park without the hat represented:


Orlando Attractions Magazine: The Show host Banks Lee provided this early ’90s photo of what the area looked like before the Sorcerer’s Hat was built and what it may possibly look like in the very near future:

Image (17)

Are you excited to see the view down Hollywood Boulevard without the Sorcerer’s Hat again? Do you hope Disney will move it to another location? Do you like the view of The Great Movie Ride theater or would you like to see something else built in the hat’s place? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Oh, what a pity!

    I’m so sad because it was a symbol of my last vacances in Orlando like I have captured in my own photos and memories.

    But it is life, «c’est la vie», the circle of life, in fact. 😀

    Only the continous movement is constant, like Heraclitus said.

    I’m pretty sure that soon Disney will impresive all us with a newer surprise instead of this adorable Mickey’s hat. 😉

    Regards, and… Release the Kraken!

  2. I hope they just move it to another location. I know some people hated the addition, but it has been the park icon since we’ve been taking our kids. It will be sad to see it go.

  3. I am very sorry to hear this. This is an iconic image at Hollywood Studios and an image of Mickey that everyone knows and loves.

  4. I have been going to The (MGM) Studios since it first opened, so I’m glad to finally see the hat go. I cannot wait to see that lovely view of the Theater again as I stroll up Hollywood Blvd. But…it’ll probably be short-lived because I’m pretty sure they are putting something in its place.

  5. They may be considering a Hollywood Walk of Fame heading towards the Great Movie Ride.

    There have been more than a few great actors, singers, songwriters etc. that contributed their

    talents to Walt’s movies.

    We always miss the icons and rides that have disappeared over the years, we can only hope

    that they are replaced with something even better.


  6. Agree w/ Johnny 100% – always questioned why Disney introduced that obstacle to one of the Studio’s most attractive landmarks. Let’s hope they don’t introduce something new in it’s place…

  7. Sooo happy those this hat go away. Never liked it. The Earful Tower needs to be the ICON again. It would be nice to have the Towermoved to a more prominent area of the park, but not I front of GMR. Love to see the ” theater” down Main Street.
    Scrap the hat, don’t care.

  8. I hope they are just moving the hat i have been going for years and it will not be the same without the hat. It is a great icon have my family in front of it for many years. It will be sad without it. It is part of the park. Love it!