Review: The Dark Seance at Orlando Forum is an extravagant experience

by Attractions Magazine Staff

If you’re looking for an extravagant, yet fun date night this Halloween season, The Dark Seance Dinner Experience at the Orlando Forum might be just the ticket.

Clair Chapman at dark seance

Our host for the night was Clair Chapman, and while enjoying our four-course meal, she would tell stories of “Jack the Ripper” from the late 1800s in between each dish, leading up to the big finale after dessert.

tarot cards

Overall, I was surprised by two major things: the production value of the experience, and just how much fun I had throughout the night. As soon as I walked into the “Seance Room” which is a small Victorian-themed room with about 10 tables, I honestly forgot I was sitting inside the Orlando Forum on International Drive. The room itself had two digital windows that made it feel as if it was storming the entire night, an organ, a fireplace, and bookshelves. I really felt they made good use of the space.

dark seance menu

Something cool that I wasn’t aware of before going was that the Seance changes nightly, meaning every night has a different host with a different story. The only constant each night is the menu.

I really enjoyed the food, especially the Portobello mushroom steak—the vegetarian dish—and I was quite surprised how much I liked it. I didn’t eat the raspberry-passion fruit lava cake for dessert, but everyone around the room loved it.

I will say the room is small and there isn’t much space in between tables, so if you’re not super comfortable with that, I wouldn’t recommend going. But the great waitstaff, as well as our host, all kept their masks on during the experience. 

portabello mushroom dinner food at dark seance.

The starting price for The Dark Seance Dinner Experience is $87.50 and includes a ticket to also experience “The Tunnel of the Damned” haunted house (usually $17.95). Both events are going on from now through Oct. 31. You can get tickets on their page at Eventbright.

Here’s a preview of the Tunnel of the Damned haunted house:

Tunnel of the Damned! Preview and Interviews With The Creators

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Tracey October 31, 2020 - 11:22 pm

The seance was very short. We thought it would be definitely longer for the price. Food was pretty good but nothing fabulous


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