Ride-along look at Sheikra, Cheetah Hunt and Montu roller coasters at Busch Gardens


Our ride-along series continues with some of the roller coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa. This is the view seen from the top of Sheikra. In the upper left is the green Kumba roller coaster. At center-right is the Scorpion, the first looping coaster built at the park.

Skeikra’s first drop, with the previous train arriving at the station.

Sheikra’s second drop, underground.

Really, Sheikra’s second drop takes you underwater – under the water of the splash pool.

Skimming upon the splash pool.

Sheikra concludes with a quick view of the twin coasters of Gwazi.

Looking back to Sheikra from on top of Gwazi.

Here’s ride-along video of Sheikra:

SheiKra roller coaster front row POV at Busch Gardens Tampa

Here’s the first drop of Busch Gardens’ newest coaster, Cheetah Hunt. Note the blue cabs of the Skyway strung over the trees.

One of Cheetah Hunt’s unusual features is the track which crosses over the Skyway. A video frame has been angled here to show how the track is above the cables. (See our previous article about how this piece of track was placed during Cheetah Hunt’s construction.)

The far end of Cheetah Hunt heads into the Rhino Rally area.

Cheetah Hunt zips over a river that originally was part of the Rhino Rally ride.

Here’s ride-along video of Cheetah Hunt:

Cheetah Hunt roller coaster front row point of view at Busch Gardens Tampa

Approaching Montu’s first drop, with a parking tram circling below.

Looking down as the train drops down the first drop. At right is track from later in the ride.

Looking down while twisting upside down through one of Montu’s loops.

This view is flipped right side up to show how much of Montu’s track goes underground. It can be a disorienting ride!

Here’s ride-along video of Montu:

Montu roller coaster front row POV at Busch Gardens Tampa

Photos and video in this article are from an HD camera embedded in eyeglasses.


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