Ripley’s to donate couture toilet paper wedding dresses to a few lucky brides

Ripley’s wants to give brides an adventurous wedding dress made entirely of toilet paper.

Wedding planning can be stressful: the flowers, the cake, the wedding party, and, of course, the dress. Brides can be under an incredible amount of stress while getting ready for their big day, and sometimes getting a dress can seem daunting or out of reach. Now, Ripley’s wants to help with that.

Ripley’s currently has a large collection of wedding dresses made from toilet paper, and are looking for a few lucky brides in need of a dress for their special day. The couture collection comes from Cheap Chic Weddings and their Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, which Ripley’s sponsors. Many of the winning dresses have been part of the collection at Ripley’s for the past 13 years.

The dresses from the Cheap Chic contest are made with toilet paper, and are held together with glue, tape, and even needle and thread. Each dress can be worn by a person and be taken on or off, rather than have the person be sewn into it.

Ripley’s currently has over 20 dresses in their collection, and received more on July 20 when they held the annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

For brides that are interested in taking an adventurous route with their dress, Ripley’s asks that they email [email protected] or tweet them @Ripleys with their interest. For more information, visit


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