The Rumor Queue: Universal’s Velocicoaster possible ride vehicle design leaked

A post from Twitter user @HuckelCommaSean may have just revealed the ride vehicle design for the rumored Velocicoaster construction happening at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Recently, this roller coaster project added raptor figures to the construction site. Now, it appears we may have our first look at the coaster vehicle itself.

These images were not released by Universal – instead, it’s claimed that they are from an art portfolio website belonging to artist Williams Silvers. We have seen accidental leaks like this happen before; the photos and videos have since been scrubbed from the internet, but last month a web designer accidentally leaked looks at Super Nintendo World in Japan.

We always have to take these images as they are: non-official looks at an attraction that hasn’t yet opened. But while this isn’t an official post, it could certainly be from someone who worked on the project. This main image of the Velocicoaster ride vehicle is most likely portraying the secondary launch up to the top-hat maneuver.

The images also portrayed a look at a Mosasaur. This creature was featured heavily in “Jurassic World.” While the turns in the background don’t specifically align with any exact piece we have seen so far, it doesn’t mean this idea was scrapped.


Seen here, the coaster is near water for most of the second half of the ride. This could mean that the Mosasaur may be placed and hidden anywhere in the water below, waiting for a time to pop out and scare guests.

jurassic world

While most likely the Mosasaur was replaced with this heartline roll element, it could still be a possibility. That certainly means we have more to search for in the months ahead.

Based off of the current track work, the third image in the set features a slightly different design. Guests would fly above the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, whereas now we see they dive low to avoid it. But, this image does hold some interesting details: we can see what appears to be a T-rex on the far right side, and there are numerous large bones in the water. There is also what appears to be a pterodactyl resting on one of the track elements on the left.

But of course, the most interesting image is this one of the possible ride vehicle design. The aggressive front features special blue lighting effects, and the color scheme directly aligns with vehicles from the “Jurassic World” franchise.

universal orlando

The restraint system seems to be close to that of The Incredible Hulk Coaster on the other side of the park. If so, there may also be rows with modified seating for guests of different body shapes and sizes.

Jurassic World: The Ride - Full POV at Universal Studios Hollywood

It has long been assumed that this attraction would be themed more toward “Jurassic World” and not just the “Jurassic Park” films. While the land is still themed to those older films, land updates seem to be pushing for the newer ones.

If so, this new attraction could mark a change for the land’s name and general theming as well. Over in California, this change was made to coincide with their new Jurassic World – The Ride opening, which was a re-theme to their existing Jurassic Park – The Ride. The update included new screen visuals, an Indominus rex animatronic, and Blue the raptor.


Raptors are certainly showing their face in the Velocicoaster construction site. The image above is from our previous construction update. We will have to take the above leaked images and continue to study the construction even more for clues on this currently unannounced roller coaster.

Keep in mind that these leaked concept art images have not been released by Universal. While there is a chance these were accidentally shared, we cannot say for sure that they are official. These rumors are simply our best guess at what could come.

What do you think of these leaked images of the Velocicoaster? Do you think this ride will feature more than the raptors that we originally thought would dominate the attraction? Let us know in the comments below.


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