SeaWorld offering $5 kids tickets – with proceeds for wildlife conservation

SeaWorld is rolling out an offer that comes at the perfect time for vacations and allows families to make a difference for wildlife conservation.

Now through December 31, 2010, with each full-paid, SeaWorld single-day, adult admission purchased online, any child age 12 and under gets a $5 admission, all of which goes to fund non-profit wildlife organizations. Families even can choose which wildlife conservation effort receives their donation.

Families will be able to take advantage of this special offer as his SeaWorld AfterDark returns. SeaWorld AfterDark showcases the park in a whole new light, with a nighttime
rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza, a high-energy Shamu show, a hilarious sea lion show and a mystifying fireworks finale. SeaWorld AfterDark begins May 29 and continues through Aug. 15.

“We know the economy’s been tough for everyone, but more than ever before, everyone needs to spend time together,” Atchison said. “We think families also will have fun deciding which wildlife conservation project gets their donation, too. It’s a wonderful way for kids to learn about the work that goes on to save animals in the wild.”

For details on this offer and to buy tickets, go to


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  1. I called Seaworld and they said the Child tickets DO NOT get the 2nd day free – so it is a terrible deal!!!!!! For a family of 4 if you want to go two days it COSTS MORE (2 x 80 + 2 x 5) = 170 and then 2 more tickets at 70 for the kids second day at 140 for a total of 310 DOLLARS, unless you get the regular tickets for everyone at 70 bucks apiece to begin with which is the everyday price anyway. (4 x 70 = 280)

    This should be getting TERRIBLE reviews – it does for me.

  2. In response to the last message, not all of us have the time to stay for a second day…..therefore $5 is a good deal. Thanks for the math but the $5 deal will work great for us.