SeaWorld Orlando officially starts guest pin trading this weekend

Pin Trading is coming to SeaWorld Orlando this weekend. Photo courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld Orlando will officially start guest pin trading for the first time this Saturday, Feb. 24.

Guests can get started by checking out the Pin Trading Central cart that will be located at the front of the park. With a starting set of pins and a lanyard, guests can trade with SeaWorld Ambassadors and other guests wearing pin lanyards.

Guests can pin trade with Ambassadors throughout the park. Photo courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando.

Ambassadors with pin lanyards can be found throughout the park in gift shops, theaters, at the front gate and the park entrance. Pins can be found and purchased at The Waterfront Shops, Coconut Bay Traders, Shamu’s Emporium, Fins Gifts, Wild Arctic Store and even Orlando International Airport.

Trading with Ambassadors will be simple: guests can pick out their favorite pin on an Ambassador’s lanyard, and trade one of their pins in exchange for it. Guests can trade up to three pins per Ambassador per day. Trading with other guests is also encouraged.

There will be several different categories of pins for guests to collect:

  • Core – These pins feature animals and are available to purchase until the pins are retired.
  • Collections – These are an assortment of pins that are all related to each other, and a collection can be added to over time.
  • Series – These are a set of pins identified as a group, and can all be collected as a set.
  • Limited Edition – These pins come in smaller quantities for a certain amount of time until they sell out, and will be harder to find as time passes.
  • Special Edition – These pins will only be sold for a limited time and feature SeaWorld icons.

Once a pin is considered “retired,” it will no longer be produced, and will feature a “retirement label” on its packaging.

Pins will cost between $7.99 – 13.99 each. Starter sets with four pins and a lanyard will be available for around $29.99. The park will also have non-pin related accessories like lanyards and pouches available, and those will range from $4.99 to $11.99. A 10 percent Pass Member discount will be available, along with Pass Member exclusive pins.

Pin trading at SeaWorld Orlando officially begins on Feb. 24. For more information on Pin Trading and SeaWorld Orlando, visit


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  1. These are so cute! I might actually get some pins…I’ve never gotten into the whole pin thing with disney But now I might, lol!

  2. I did this many years ago with Disney. I am so looking forward to doing this at Seaworld. I put all my pins in the headliner of my car.