SeaWorld Orlando to debut new Dolphin Days show, replacing Blue Horizons

seaworld orlando blue horizons

On April 1, SeaWorld Orlando will launch a new show called Dolphin Days, immersing guests into the world of the ocean’s most playful ambassadors.

Dolphin Days will replace the popular Blue Horizons show after an eleven-year run at Dolphin Theater. In the new presentation, the audience will learn more about the individual personalities of each Atlantic bottlenose dolphin while witnessing the special bond they share with their trainers. Macaws and other tropical birds will also appear, uniting the mysteries of the deep oceans with the wonder of the skies above.

The new Dolphin Days will also present an interactive opportunity for young guests. During each show, one lucky young volunteer will be selected from the audience to learn firsthand from the training team in an up-close encounter with one of the dolphins and a green-winged macaw.

As guests enjoy the show, they will learn how they can help protect dolphins in the wild. Dolphin Days won’t be the only place to learn more about dolphins. The park’s new Dolphin Nursery will open in time for summer, offering an interactive educational experience for guests to see dolphins up close.

The last day to experience Blue Horizons at SeaWorld Orlando will be March 31. Comment below with your favorite memories of this long-running show.


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  1. New Age of Time Now. People do not want to go to marine parks and watch dolphins or orcas entertain for us who have INDEED suffered,killed,babies killed, or thrown back out to Sea to die. They even fight the viscous capture endlessly trying to save their young, causing them to vomit. For us humans to sit in bleachers knowing this? and Now, seeingbthem in a prison for Life,at SeaWorld, to die. Please become educated before you buy a ticket. When you Buy the Ticket, your not only supporting more dolphins to die for your entertainment, you are simply feeding the pockets of SeaWorlds that Dont Care about the dolphins or orcas, they LOVE YOUR money. Please help to END dolphin and orca captivity. They belong free, with their babies in the Ocean. God Bless

  2. You have gotten to be kidding me! First of all Dolphin Days is a Day 1000s of protesters around the world go to their local seaworld/ Aquarium in protest of captivity!