SeaWorld Orlando welcomes first penguin chick to Antarctica habitat

SeaWorld Orlando King Penguin Chick

On Nov. 30, 2013, SeaWorld’s Antarctica habitat welcomed the first ever penguin chick to be hatched there.

The nearly two-week-old king chick is now weighing in at 30 ounces and currently being raised by its parents with routine check-ups from the SeaWorld Orlando Aviculture Team who monitor the chick’s weight and overall development. Although small now, it will grow to be more than 24 pounds and over 2.5 feet tall. This chick is one of two king chicks that have hatched within the last two weeks with more expected within the coming weeks.

Caring for the king chick is a full-time job shared by mom and dad, and it starts before the penguin even hatches. Since king penguins don’t build nests, the female lays one egg and both parents share incubation duties by placing the egg on their feet. This is also how they carry the chick once it hatches. Guests may get a rare glimpse of the king chick during feedings.


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