Howl-O-Scream versus Halloween Horror Nights, social accounts trade snarky remarks

Over the past few months, the main SeaWorld Twitter account went from one of the quietest to one of the more vocal, especially when it comes to trading snarky remarks with other Orlando attractions. The Twitter battle has begun, Howl-O-Scream versus Halloween Horror Nights, who shall win?

SeaWorld Socials on Twitter.

Just last year, it was normal to expect more corporate responses from the Twitter account, and their replies were few and far between. Now, we see them engaging with the Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) account, a brand that rarely loses diss-battles online, and others.

The SeaWorld account made a joke directed towards Halloween Horror Nights Orlando, and the HHN account doesn’t take lightly to haters. Their response spurred a few light-hearted tweets back and forth, but it certainly got fans to look at the SeaWorld account in a new way.


Compare a response like that to the tweets we got this time last year from the SeaWorld account. While SeaWorld has always kept followers updated about their work with animals, these personalized responses are quite new.

SeaWorld Socials' most recent media usage on Twitter.

This screenshot of their six most recently shared media also helps explain their recent hijinks.


SeaWorld’s account is taking a step away from corporate and a step toward personal and real. The Wendy’s and Denny’s accounts are some of the first to make this strategy famous on Twitter. In fact, the Hamburger Helper account even made its own Soundcloud rap song:

Twitter accounts have become less and less corporate in the years, with some doing it well and others coming across unprofessional. The Universal Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights accounts have been doing this successfully for years.

Do you think having a more real, less professional-style social account works for brands? Does it work for SeaWorld? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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