SeaWorld’s Pipeline Surf Coaster completes track installation

by Tharin White

SeaWorld Orlando’s upcoming Pipeline: The Surf Coaster has installed the final piece of track for the totally tubular new ride that, along with its one-of-a-kind surfboard ride vehicle, is sure to turn heads when it opens Spring 2023.

SeaWorld flag waving in front of Pipeline: The Surf Coaster construction at SeaWorld Orlando.

We went out to SeaWorld Orlando to get a complete look at Pipeline – one of most anticipated theme park attraction openings in 2023 – and the now-assembled coaster track definitely makes a striking first impression when you pull into SeaWorld Orlando’s parking lot.

Full panorama of Pipeline: The Surf Coaster track at SeaWorld Orlando.
Click the image for a full size option to allow you to zoom in more.

This coaster is no small feat, and over 2,900 feet of track will bring the surf experience to Central Florida. At its peak, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is 110 feet tall. Plus, this coaster will take guests up to 60 mph!

Pipeline: Surf Coaster Completes Track Installation at SeaWorld Orlando in Prep For 2023 Opening

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster will also feature five airtime moments and a wave curl inversion, which explains why riders must be at least 54 inches tall.

In park preview of Pipeline ride vehicle is now offered at SeaWorld Orlando's entrance.

Visitors to the park can receive an early Christmas present with their first look at the coaster’s unique ride vehicle. This vehicle was first revealed at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

Multi-layered track view of Pipeline coaster track.

Multi-layered views such as this get us the most excited. This coaster is starting with a strong theme, a first-of-its-kind vehicle and restraint system, and a lot of track type segments, so there’s no doubt every kind of coaster rider will have a favorite part. This specific portion of the track is near the very end of the ride.

Peaceful_thrill_seeker on Instagram was able to get these up-close aerial views of the construction progress. From these angles, it’s hard to see many straight lines in the track. This is exactly how it should be if you are trying to sell the idea of surfing along the coast.

Continual ground work being done on coaster and new walking path at SeaWorld Orlando.

Now, just because the track installation is complete, don’t expect to be riding this coaster next week. There is still more exciting work to be done. We have yet to see coaster pull through testing and eventually full speed track testing. But, SeaWorld is moving along swiftly, so we should see more progress in the weeks to come.

SeaWorld Orlando park entrance view of Pipeline: The Surf Coaster.

If you haven’t been to SeaWorld Orlando in a while you may not know exactly where this coaster is located. Hopefully the image above explains how close it is to the front of the park. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster dominates the entrance side of the park, with sweeping blue track filling the already sunny, blue sky in Florida.

Load/unload station at SeaWorld Orlando's Pipeline: The Surf Coaster construction.

A new development is the load/unload station, which already looks to be leaning towards a beach or island-style design. Based on limited views of this building from the concept art, this structure should be receiving lime and orange accent design pieces.

Wave curl inversion track maneuver piece installed.

While SeaWorld says this is a surf-style coaster, it certainly does require standing. So yes, to ride this attraction, you must be standing during a flip, or as SeaWorld calls it, a wave curl inversion. But, the flip isn’t the only intense part of the attraction. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster begins with a launch, climbs up to 110 feet in the air, and features five airtime moments. Normally your stomach leaves your body on airtime moments, but with your feet planted on the vehicle, this could offer a totally new feeling for first-time riders.

Blue sky view of SeaWorld's Pipeline coaster construction.

SeaWorld’s current newest roller coaster, Ice Breaker, is not even a year old yet. But this coaster seals SeaWorld’s title as the self-claimed “Coaster Capital of Orlando” as it will be the park’s seventh roller coaster (yes, Journey To Atlantis does count) when it opens in Spring 2023.

Are you rushing to this new coaster upon opening in 2023, or does it seem too intense?


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