We did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while riding a roller coaster

roller coaster ice bucket challenge

Here at “Orlando Attractions Magazine”, we’re all about having fun. While the Ice Bucket Challenge that’s been going around is fun, we wanted to add our own spin to it for even more fun. So we did it while riding a roller coaster.

If you’re not aware, when someone names you in the Ice Bucket Challenge, you have 24 hours to either pour ice on your head and donate $10 to ALS (Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It has no cure and leads to death. Visit ALSA.org to learn more) or you could choose to just donate $100 to ALS and not pour ice water on your head. Either way, you can nominate others to do the challenge (usually three people.)

“Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show” Producer Matt Roseboom was nominated by “Orlando Attractions Magazine” columnist “Skipper” Ben Rebstock. Matt skipped the ice, donated $100 and nominated “Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show” hosts Banks Lee and Elisa Goldman. But he and his wife, Executive Producer Jackie Roseboom, also thought to contact Fun Spot America to add some extra fun.

With the help of David Hummer at Fun Spot and Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review, the challenge was set up. The hosts were to ride Fun Spot’s White Lightning wooden roller coaster with buckets of ice water and try not to spill any. What was left was to be dumped on their heads. Here’s the result. Enjoy:

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ... on a Roller Coaster!

Visit ALSA.org for more information about ALS and to donate.


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