Sign up to attend the 2009 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

It’s a well-known “secret” that Disney’s annual Christmas Day parade is actually taped a few weeks before Christmas Day. This year, it’s being taped at the Magic Kingdom on Dec. 3, 4, and 5 (Thursday – Saturday).

Registration is now open for anyone who wants to sign up to be part of the crowd and watch the taping. You can register by following this link.

On Dec. 3 and 4, guest star performances will be shot on Cinderella’s Castle Stage and Main Street USA for the show. On Dec. 5, the parade itself will be shot featuring Disney Characters and guest star performances along Main Street USA. In the past, stars performing have included the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, Katherine McPhee, the cast of “Dancing with the Stars,” and many more. The whole event has been hosted by Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, though they are generally only present while shooting the parade down Main Street.

Here are a few more details about the taping:

Cost: Registration is free.

Online Registration Ends: December 2, 2009 12:00 AM Pacific Time

There is no age restriction on who can attend the taping. Up to 8 people are allowed to attend per family.Children 2 and under will not need a ticket and do not need to be included in the count.

The shoot will start as early as 7:30 a.m. but generally lasts throughout most of the day. Space is available on a first-come basis. If you arrive late on the day of the taping, you will not be guaranteed admission into the park. Word of warning: It can get very cramped in the reserved spaces.

If you decide to visit the Magic Kingdom that day without signing up for the taping, it is still possible to watch the show, but you will not be allowed into the special reserved areas and will be required to keep moving along the sidewalks.

Here’s a brief video we shot during the 2007 Christmas Day parade taping:

Disney Magic Kingdom Christmas Day Parade TV Taping 2007

[smugmug url=”″ title=”Photos%20from%20the%202007%20Disney%20Christmas%20Day%20Parade%20Taping%20at%20the%20Magic%20Kingdom” imagecount=”50″ start=”1″ num=”20″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”true” window=”true” smugmug=”true” size=”L”]


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  1. I see that registration is full and closed now, but I have a question. If you signed up and were selected, would this give you free admission to the Magic Kingdom for the day? If yes, that would be a great deal. I always assumed it was just random park people who happened to be there that day.