DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom VR debuts at Six Flags Magic Mountain

by Brittani Tuttle
six flags

Guests can now take on Lex Luthor with Superman and Wonder Woman in VR at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, has debuted a new virtual reality experience coming to one of the world’s tallest and fastest drop tower rides: DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom VR.

For a limited time, guests can experience this new virtual reality ride experience at the park. Riders will put on special VR headsets to see the action as Wonder Woman and Superman take on their nemesis, Lex Luthor, as they fall 400 feet at speeds up to 85 miles per hour.

“As the world leader in ride innovation, Six Flags is taking virtual reality to the next level by leveraging the unique thrill of one of the world’s tallest drop towers and adding an epic virtual battle of good versus evil,” said Neal Thurman, park president of Six Flags Magic Mountain. “Combining the most iconic DC Super Heroes, Wonder Woman and Superman, with state-of-the-art technology, DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom VR delivers an awe-inspiring new thrill for spring 2018.”

When guests buckle into their floorless seats and put on their VR headsets, they are immediately immersed in a 360-degree virtual world where they are invited by DC Super Villain, Lex Luthor, to test the new LexCorp levitation technology. Other highlights of the ride’s storyline include:

  • Lex Luthor levitates guests with his anti-gravity ray gun and they start to float upward, high above the skyscrapers;
  • Superman and Wonder Woman rush to the rescue and an exciting battle begins in the air above Metropolis;
  • Wonder Woman battles an army of flying LexBots as Superman engages in combat with Lex Luthor;
  • Up in the sky, the battle spins out of control and guests fall a thousand feet straight down into the city streets below.

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom VR, and be at least 13 years old to experience the VR.

For more information on DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom VR, or Six Flags Magic Mountain, visit SixFlags.com/MagicMountain.


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