Six Flags launches new Weather Guarantee at all parks

Six Flags has launched a new Weather Guarantee ticket which will allow guests to avoid poor weather at the parks, and give them the chance to use their ticket on another day.

six flags weather guarantee
Now you can use your tickets on another day if the weather is bad at any Six Flags park.

This guarantee applies to “Choose Your Day” tickets, and allows guests to use their ticket on any other public operating day at the park of the purchased ticket before Dec. 31, 2018. If not used by that date, the tickets will expire as normal.

A “bad weather day” will be flexible, as different guests are going to have different tolerances for various types of weather. Examples include rainy days, snowy days, and days with extreme temperatures. Each Six Flags park’s Guest Relations will be the final judge of what constitutes a “bad weather day.”

All guests have to do is buy their tickets online using the calendar day pricing ticket option. If there comes a point where a guest can no longer visit due to inclement weather, they can simply visit on a different day – but no later than Dec. 31, 2018. Guests are encouraged to stop by Guest Relations on their way into the park to make sure they can enter the park.

This new Six Flags Weather Guarantee does not apply to “Good Any Day” tickets, Season Passes, group tickets, or memberships, only because guests with these types of tickets can already visit any day they choose.

To learn more about the new Six Flags Weather Guarantee, visit


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