SkyScreamer debuts new vest restraints at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

by Brittani Tuttle

Have you ever wanted to experience flying through the air like a superhero? At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, you can with the exclusive new vest restraints for the park’s StarFlyer attraction, dubbed the SkyScreamer.


Through the utilization of existing equipment and the addition of a newly-designed restraint through an exclusive partnership with Skycoaster, this just-launched seating arrangement gives riders the sensation of flight just like their favorite superheroes.

“This simple modification to the iconic StarFlyer shows just how imaginative our team is,” said Ed Hiller, CEO and Founder of Ride Entertainment. “With wonderful partners like Funtime and Skycoaster working together under one umbrella, we were able to deliver a truly unique and memorable collaboration for our customer[s].”

“SkyScreamer offers a unique opportunity to showcase Six Flags’ innovative approach to creating a dynamic guest experience,” said Jeffrey Siebert, park president. “The reaction has been fun to watch and our guests are thrilled by the new option.”

The new vest restraint can be implemented as a temporary or season-long offering and requires only minor alternations to the attraction in order to be installed.

As for the possibility of the StarFlyer attraction in Orlando getting these vest restraints? According to a representative of The SlingShot Group, there are no plans to bring the restraints to the International Drive attraction.

To learn more about Six Flags Fiesta Texas, visit SixFlags.com/FiestaTexas.


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